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Need Help to Clear the quest “Investigate The Magic Research Facility” in Starry Town(in 2022)

The entrance to magic research facility in Starry Town is disappear. Is it move to somewhere?

Pretty sure the raid got removed.

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I believe there’s an instance created for that quest if you talk again to the NPC or something, haven’t done it tho ;_;

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Oh! Why IMC doing this?

While Fruit of Vegeance, the one of removed raid, its entrance still on the map and can do quest with faster way, it send you straight to Asiomage.

The raid itself has been removed, so the entrance isn’t there by default. It will appear if you talk to the NPC (Owynia) and get the quest. I’m also sure that if you got the quest already, you need to abandon it and restart it to make the entrance appear and it will disappear again after the quest is done.

Thank you. After abadon quest, talk with npc, the entrance is shown for enter to finishing the quest.

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