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Need help on yellow-eyed flower for shinobi class

Hi guys

I’ve been playing for a bit after returning from a long hiatus and decided to go for the shinobi class. I’m currently stuck at the yellow-eyed flower part. From past forum posts, I believe it should be spawning near the mangos in Alemeth Forest. Is there some pre-requisite I’m missing? Thanks.

did you make the previous stages? like getting the secret note in the vases on Fedimian?. Besides thanks to re:build events and other events, there are lots of cheap unlock vouchers in the market to get the secret classes without quest. I don’t know your server but with some millions (between 1 to 3 aprox.) you should be able to buy a Shinobi unlock voucher, you can even buy a voucher to the Wings of Vaivora NPC in Klaipedia for Wings of Vaivora Coins, that you get just for the daily login every month

agree, nowaday whale make a lot of change class, and event from your previous char have class selection box, for example if u previously have miko, that class will recieve selection class unlock box, just trans via storage using old another char

alemeth forest spawn time random 3-6hr.

Sorry, took a break after finally getting the voucher. I got the class.