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Need help gearing my Monk


My build is Monk-Chaplain-Zealot, could someone plase help me gear this one?

What gems/cards/equipment?

For cards I have 2x Zaura, 1x Netherbovine and 2x Marnox (not equiped yet) but I don’t know what to go for reds.

PS: Is it better to max Paraclitus Time or max Last Rites? IMO these few points in LR won’t change much but PT saves me needing a Gazing Golem card…

Le bump?


In my humble opinion? Give up the monk.
I played as one since the beggining when you needed to see all the maps and do level grinding.
The best choice i made to build a monk was to give up the monk.
I rolled up, when the ranks went down as monk-chapa-zea. I traded up to: druid-inqui-zea.
Best choice.

I know that it’s not the best choice but I find it fun to play.

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@4lkruzeth sorry but this guy might need your help :tipping_hand_man:t4:

Just saying, Monk is in a very bad spot now (arguably the worst DPS class in the game with the worst) so just know that you will be lacking a whole lot compared to even normal or decent DPS builds. Avoid Monk until the Arts System patch comes and you are able to get Monk’s Arts Attribute.

If you still want to play Monk though,

Gems: Just go for Red gems for weapon, skill gems and stuff for armor is up to preference

Cards: Red (Centauros or Glass Mole), Blue (Up to preference, etiher Zaura or Nuaele), Green (Either Netherbovine, Ellaganos or Blut), Purple (Up to you, preferably Gazing Golem).

Equipment: Leather for PvE, Plate or Cloth for PvP (I like plate armor’s high physical defense even for PvE). Weapon-wise, 2H-Mace for PvE and 2H-Mace or 1H-Mace for PvP.

Choosing Paraclitus Time or Last Rites depends on your set-up. If you are not using Gazing Golem cards or like to PvP, Paraclitus Time is great. Last Rites is rather piss-poor in damage and also scales from SPR, so it is worth skipping on a typical Monk Build that usually goes for STR, DEX and CON.

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I kinda know about the Arts system but either notes didn’t mention Monk or I didn’t read properly. Any idea what will the Monk’s art be?

As for PT, can I ditch GG cards entirely and go for 3x Marnox since PT gives full uptime on kd/kb resistance?

Monk’s Special Arts Attribute will be as follows:

Upon hitting a target with Double Punch, Monks will get a buff, where any critical hits you do while under this buff adds a stack onto the buff. Once you reach 5 stacks, a 15 second buff replaces it where during the duration of the buff,

  • Energy Blast’s cooldown and charge time is eliminated
  • Energy Blast channeling increases to 3 seconds
  • Energy Blast’s damage increases the longer you channel it

You can keep spamming Energy Blast during the buff’s duration, and after the 15 second buff ends, simply Double Punch again to start all over.

You can ditch Gazing Golem entirely if you have PT, though I don’t really see much use replacing it with Marnox in purple slot due how little critical rate it gives. Might wanna find another purple card.

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Ive watched monk after buff in ktos. It went from broken to BROKEN. Its OP as hell and can wipe c7 cm with relative ease solo. Bong tos made a video where he farmed 1.3m per 15ish minute via c7 cm with monk in ktos

Nice! Can’t wait for the update.
Edit: I saw that video and OMG Monk went from Yamcha to Goku real ffing fast O.O

Any reccomendations?

Haha, its one of those things where one change clicked together so well with other factors like gears in a clockwork. Monk simply got one Arts Attribute but that doesn’t change the fact that Monk is still bad and ONLY becomes decent when they can obtain that attribute. :sweat_smile:

Energy Blast had “infinite” AoE Attack Ratio for a long time even before Re:Build, but was unable to use it effectively at all due to its narrow hitbox and awful skill factor (worse than auto attacking with buffs in Re:Build). Monk’s Arts Attribute greatly increases its damage and overall skill factor, makes the skill spammable and increases its horizontal hitbox to allow hitting all monsters within range.

To be honest, the damage from Energy Blast alone isn’t that crazy (demon mobs, and there are many Druid-Inquisitor-Zealot videos with better damage numbers and boss clear times), but Monk’s Art Attribute clicked so well with the whole skill-set of Krivis for mobbing (and Drakonas Frieno). Energy Blast demands as much channeling and consistent critical hits as possible, and Krivis is great pick for Monks in that regard. The passive healing of Aukuras really helps to keep spamming Energy Blast, Zalciai and Daino helps for critical hits, Zaibas is a nice multi-hit critical hit proc skill if needed, and Divine Stigma’s damage increase is great for bosses. Most importantly, new Melstis really carries the damage in CMs with its fixed damage and how mobs are so close together to get hit by it. Energy Blast with its “infinite” AoE Attack Ratio, huge hitbox and having no cooldown is the perfect skill to spread a lot of Melstis debuff and Drakonas Frieno damage for mobbing. A huge part of the damage in those videos comes from that interaction with Energy Blast, Melstis and Drakonas Frieno. In my opinion, it is for this reason that most CM stage 7 solo videos with Monk, if not all, are always done using a Krivis-Monk combo despite Chaplain theoretically having the bigger damage boost.

Of course, Druid-Inquisitor-Zealot can do the same (dropping Zealot for Krivis etc) even before the Arts System, but with the Arts Attribute, Monk can finally shine and do the same as well, if not better in mobbing situations.


Purple cards are full of utility effects, so it is quite hard to pinpoint any recommendations. It always mostly comes down to playstyles, preferences and equipment, really.

For example, if you have trouble with keeping up SP since you have Zealot, Rikaus Card may be worth looking out for. Manticen and Velpede is fun just for the movement speed alone. Some cards increases resistance to crowd-control effects which is nice in PvP, others cause status effects on monsters for other uses (Rajapearl-Prison Cutter and BIteregina-Velnia Monkey combo), and so on. At the very least, such cards are much better than Marnox’s low critical rate numbers.


I think I’ll go for Rajapearl-Prison Cutter combo then, the 30% increased damage on bleeding enemies will help, and with DP spam rate I think I’ll be able to make mobs perma-bleed.

Now for something different, a bit of theorycraft before the Arts system arrives.
Since EB will become such a big deal, would Monk-Krivis-Zealot combo work? Krivis basically glues the two classes together because they have great synergy with it - DS buffs EB, and Melstis extends Zealot’s buffs (but with a price of double vulnerability and SP drain).
I know that most people will pick Inquisitor over Zeal but personally I find Inqui overblown, not a fan of that class.

And, of course, the question is how to build that idea. I was thinking in terms of THIS, but I have no idea how to build Krivis, but there’s kinda no point to picking Aukuras for regen since Fanaticism negates all healing anyway. (side note - I find the idea of “electric monk” so fun I can’t stop giggling like crazy :D)

PS What will be the changes to Melstis you mentioned? Will it do more than doubling the duration of buffs?

With the Arts System, Monk can actually carry a build decently in terms of damage, and Inquisitor isn’t a must-pick like how it is now (must pick Chaplain or Inquisitor or both at least). Actually, Inquisitor does so little to Arts System Monk, and it is a waste to take Inquisitor with Monk instead of making builds specializing towards Monk or Inquisitor instead. From what I’ve seen, as long as a Monk build has at least either Krivis or Chaplain or both, you’ll be fine in damage. Monk-Krivis-Zealot is easily doable, and is in fact one of the builds that is used for CM runs due to Beady Eyed giving you quick critical hits to stack buffs faster.

You got most of the Krivis points down right. Divine Stigma and Melstis are the usual important ones, since Aukuras, Zalciai and Daino can be scrolled. The rest is up to preference, though maxing Zalciai is nice. Also, please put less points in Blind Faith, the damage from that skill is negligible with even half-decent gear investment. 1 point out of Blind Faith is better off placed into Invulnerable for Pain Barrier while waiting for Gazing Golem to proc since you will not have any skill that give Pain Barrier other than via cards in that build.

In future, Melstis will change from a buff extending skill into a damage debuff skill. While under Melstis buff, every attack you do (auto-attacks have a higher proc rate) have a chance to debuff enemies with a Meltdown debuff. While under this debuff, enemies get hit by fixed damage every 2 seconds based the number of stacks of Meltdown debuff and on your highest base attack, and this damage also hits anyone near the enemy. Enemies under this debuff also gets magic and physical defense reduction.

The fixed damage is not that overwhelming, but in a crowd of mobs (especially in that Monk Arts System video where all the mobs are in a single lane), all those mobs get the debuff and hit each other with it to stack up quite a bit of damage (that is why in Monk Arts System CM videos, you can notice a LOT of low damage numbers flying off everywhere even though Energy Blast only ticks every 0.3 seconds, it comes from Melstis and Drakonas Frieno if equipped). Since the damage is fixed, even in higher CM stages, the damage will not fall off, making it quite a great CM skill. On top of it all, magic/physical defense reduction is a nice plus.

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At first I was kinda “Mel no longer extends buffs? Bummer” but then I was like “Hey, it’s not that big of a loss after all.”

Thanks for all the advice and replies ^^

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Just want to say thanks to @4lkruzeth @Rizbo @marvinconman you guys restored my will to play TOS again as a monk main. (Used to be Cleric 1 > Priest 3 > Monk 3) Life was hard back then.

I know the road to monk was never easy, but now, there’s hope. Kudos to you guys for having this discussion

Its been a few months since my previous post here, but just want to tell you that Monk is actually in a decently great place right now.

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melstis is one of the coolest magic circle animation, along with guardian saint angel wing look animation. now both of them doesnt even have proper skill animation. i wouldnt mind the effect change but at least they will still implement a better animation one

Hi! Do you mind sharing a good build for todays monk? Mon, Krivis and Zealot or should i put Chaplin somewhere? Thanks!

Monk and Inquisitor is a must to stay somewhat relevant to the meta (Cleric DPS builds will never out-DPS normal DPS builds outside Cleric tree though, given a same/similar amount of investment). Third class is up to preference and you can choose almost any class to your liking, really (Krivis, Plague Doctor, Priest etc, Zealot is the most offensive-oriented 3rd option).

Be careful of Druid though, since Monk Arts is unusable while under Demi-Lycan form.

My build is Monk-Paladin-Inquisitor. I was looking for a class to add filler skills for when Conviction/Demolition/God Smash/Wheel/Ripper rotation was on CD, and adding Palm Strike + hand Knife was the way to go. Plus now those two skills do even more damage than Asio pumped maxed God Smash, which is kinda sad. Getting the arts for Energy Blast is ridiculously fun, especially in CM where you can clear up to stage 5 with only that skill :smiley:

If you want even more buffs, replace Paladin by Zealot.