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Need help for the TP limit

Server : [SEA] Telsiai


Character Name : Amenohabakiri


Preformatted textI did!But they just keep saying my steam purchase data has some problem so they need to vertification blahblahblah!
At the first place,I charge 990TP but my monthly limit is only 7XX?WTF?(so weird that your limit is not the biggset package of TP)
Then I contact the support with ticket and they tell me my steam blahblahblah,so I believe maybe it’s not enough purchase data for my steam account,then I decide to buy another 990TP package and contact support with ticket again,but they still give me the same answer!
So could any one tell me what is exactly seam purchase data mean?what is exactly the problem!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!The Leticia’s secret cube only six days left!can my limit unlock before that?
PLEASE somebody help me!I want to try my luck!

BTW,why can’t I post new topic?I do recive the system message told me that my account is on hold and need staff member to review it.How long will it take?


Hello @spivpjs0,

Apologies for the inconvenience. We would like to inform you that there is a policy being followed in order to process your request about TP spending limit. We highly suggest to contact support again after spending more time playing normally.

With regards to your concern about posting a new topic, we would like to inform you that newly created forum accounts have limited activity but it will be normalize as it goes on.

You guys are really sucks.

@GM_Francis hi i have a same problem, is it a common issue for a new steam account? ive problem to purchase in game items too because of the TP monthly limit, what can i do to get the limit removed? ive sent 2 tickets already in a gap of 9 days… and it still replied the same answer wait for a few days… can you guys gave the exact answer for your customers?

its horrible because i wanted to participate in running events it costs with TP, already bought above 1k of them and it says we need to send ticket… pls fix thix problem… thanks in advance