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Need help for featherfoot warlock build


So frist i am a retruning player.

and I interested in featherfoot class

Can you help me build about

featherfoot warlock onmyo
featherfoot warlock ele

bcause i think featherfoot warlock low aoe to clearing mob.

Which one is better? or orther class better than this?

Thx for every answer

2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 char.

Either works. Just use the one which you prefer because Elementalist and Onmyoji both have really good AOE to make up for the lack of AOE your Feather + Warlock. I personally play Featherfoot - Warlock - Onmyoji and it’s great so far. Onmyoji’s AOE have pretty short CD and Yin Yang Harmony attribute boosts my Warlock’s dark damage.

Onnyoji also has turtle shield to protect yourself a bit, even tho it drains quite a lot of SP. Also fire fox for some auto damage. And white tiger for move speed.

Elementalist has mostly active skills. With so many skills from Featherfoot and warlock already, it might be too busy.

Only downside for onmyoji is the massive amount of paper doll you need to cast the skills.

Can anyone share a WL-FF build? I have a hard time understand why it is good for bossing. The damage from WL seems low and I have zero idea how to play FF.

This is a video I found on Youtube. Warlock actually has high damage from Pole of Agony ARTS that spawns spirits. This makes the DPS from spamming spirits very high. Featherfoot is good for bossing because it adds survivability + “Witch Doctor” attribute boosts Dark Attacks for Cursed enemies by 50%. Featherfoot has a lot of skills that curses enemies so it is almost a perma 50% boost for Warlock skills. The last class is an AOE class, preferably Onmyoji or Elementalist. This is a more well balanced build.

For a pure bossing build, people go for Taoist instead of Onmyoji/Elementalist due too the “Lightning Charm” buff.


Since Bokor will be dead in a few weeks, I’m thinking of replacing the class with FF for my WL build. I’ll keep Sorcerer as third class because it’s fun to have a semi-summoner and the new arts makes the summon way more useful than before. And the summon takes the aggro so you don’t really need to choose an aoe class. The only downfall is that you need to boost your SPR along your INT and CON. But of course, this means you get more critical attack, so yeah it’s worth it.

Then you must do something wrong with your build :slight_smile:

  • max Pole of Agony with arts
  • max Mastema (with a skill gem if possible and 100% attribute)
  • high level in Ghastly Trail to boost spirit damage by up to 100% (mine is at 10 for +80% damage)
  • Invocation + Dark Theurge to spam spirits – they won’t have an impressive SFR (mine is at 400% because I only have 9 points to spend once I’ve maxed the other skills), but you can explode them 15 by 15 every 20s (CD of DT) for 4001.815=10800% damage

Me neither :slight_smile:
Since we currently have a reset event, I’ll quickly switch Bokor for FF and use those reset potions to respec my build (even more since I need to get rid of Riding for my summoner). Then I’ll play a bit with the class. Hints are welcome :slight_smile:

Mastema is not very good now. 0 or leftover points in it.


How bad will Bokor be?

Thx everyone, All opinion in this topic Help me a lot.

@icyruios let see this

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“Excellent to farm poplions” LOLL