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Need Help finding "Mushcarfung"

Hey Guys, I need some help finding a mob, specifically named “Mushcarfung”. The database doesn’t show the location and I’ve checked the lvl 35 maps.

I understand that there are 3 different, but similar mobs named: Mushcarfung, Summoned Mushcarfung, and Catacombs Mushcarfung

But I am looking for the regular “Mushcarfung”. The reason being is i need its Monster Gem.

Can someone tell me where this mob is located please?

Thank you

I guess Guards Graveyard ones drop the gem.

Not sure, though.

Thanks for the input leleconildo, but those in Guards Graveyard are the wrong ones. Catacomb mushcarfangs drop different Gem. Im looking for the Gem that is for “Stabbing”