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Need help, error bug issue on 2nd rune stone (rune caster hidden quest)

how to get this 2nd rune stone?? i need help
i know it spawns every 30mins start from 12am server reset time,
even i frequently checking on those 5 spots (1st - 5th floor), but i still got nothing…
i alrdy got 1st stone
pls guys, i need help solution to finish this…
is it bug or maybe am i miss something?

You’re doing it right, but my experience is that I only got the rune from 5F so maybe just stay there.

staying at 5th floor also give same result, got nothing
for several hours

You sure there’s no SPACE promp appear near the corner there ? It can be very hard to see with that water effect.

Unluckily the Rune of Giants has a % chance of spawning every 30 minutes, I believe it’s one of the most tedious gems to get, alongside Rune of justice.

The rune spawn point alternates between all levels, but is fixed (something like 2.5 or 3 hours). Just stay on 5th floor and check every .00 and .30 while doing something else.