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Need help! Diev + Druid Build + Your Suggestion

Hello all! First, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post - that means a lot.

I’d really like to create a hybrid druid class to heal members first and foremost, but also have the ability to mob clear solo content as I level. I’d like to heal with the Chortasmata + Laima Statue combo, with the extra spice that comes with these two classes. But I really haven’t a clue what my third should be… This is where I’m open to your ideas and insight. Please share any and all things! I am extremely new to the game and know very little. My only experience before I start this journey is from content creators.

Thank you again. You’re the best!

Miko is your best friend, if you want to leave your statues on the ground. Kabba for another nice AoE Heal. Priest so your party members wont cry because of revive.

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Ah! This is great - thank you so much. So many options to try!

I was thinking Priest would be a solid option to secure the healing role. But will Druid and Diev alone have enough offensive /mobile moves to clear leveling mobs and content - solo? This is great info though! I thought they’d need more help in the mobile attacking area.

Sidenote question, should I go full SPRT?

Thank for taking the time, victor_galvim.

Aim for some Int,Spr,Con and critical maybe. I forget about PD, he has nice heals in intervals of 5s and nice dmg. I use priest-diev-druid with SPR,Con,Medium offsseting and some Critical Resistence ichors, works fine as healer, as DPs my dmg is very low because of the lack from INT, but you can try whatever you want, if you work hard and invest on your character you can do anything.

Diev as DPS:

good options for your combo exo with exo rubric ichor can clean hordes of mobs easy and have cd reduction from diev as well and gregorate combo wich hit multiple times for each your friend summon as statue and flowers from carnivory,miko can extend time for owls also increase dmg from them and +level for your chortasmata,plague in my opinion better for content when you need more movement than static farm and some utility for dispel statuses (gtw dcp or common field farm) as dps good only with vaivora, close healing art not work on you so must have more tanky options in ichors and then healing garden must be enough for you to mitigate some dmg (cm exmple) ,paladin good choise for more utility and if you wanna tanky dmg from your mates (doing well with good evasion ichors cards ark assistors holy combo) as druid also you can use big lycan form to increase your tanky potencial or demiform for more crit rate but in big lycan form you cant cast other skills except lycan one,priest and kabba more for difficult content nor raids,pardoner same,last one prob crusaider with some kind of passive heal near you and not strong heal power from skills(this one better as dps than healer atm) hope it will help a little :satisfaction:

also last one thing priest-diev-oracul best healer atm and multipurpose better than hybrid healer in term of heal and utility Exo-druid-crus best magic dps better than hybrid in terms of inflicting damage in cleric tree
it will be easier to start playing these builds