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Need Advice for Scout> BM > Sheriff >?

Hi New Player Here,

Last time i Played in Indonesia Server long time ago. So you can say im quite new with this Re:build Change and forget how the game progression.

Played several days ago and choosing Wiz>Ele>Pyro>Tao until level 350++ but i want to try something new…something fresh for me.

I want to try Scout > BM (Dual Pistol ofcoz) > Sheriff > X

I already search some build from class build ranking, youtube, pve tier list. etc but it lack of information.

What i want to ask is;

  1. If I Choose Ardito as my last Class with (Granata 15, Tre Grenate 15, Ritirasi 15) does it have good compatibility ? How bout the damage scaling of Ardito class ?

  2. Which one is better at DPS Enchanter or Ardito ? I Know enchant can give more buff to our Attack with enchant lightning and lightning hand.

So the theme will be Dual Gun Cowboy who can throw grenade ???

Thank You.
P.s Sorry for my bad English.

  1. All ardito skills are locked with dagger so they are not compatible. However it still is interesting gameplay-wise though if you can afford both pistol and dagger.
  2. Enchanter mostly boost dmg AA (over reinforce is not very impactful) So you would gain more overall dmg if you pick skill-based class. Although there aren’t many choices left only corsair, outlaw, rangda. You totally can pick support classes like linker, ench just fine.

Outlaw is good now and only 1 skill uses dagger, same with corsair, yo have to choose between damage boost (corsa) or high eva (Outlaw) I think outlaw is more fun.

Well i think i will try Scout > BM > Sheriff > Rangda (DPT DOT) i don’t like corsair and outlaw skilll.

Thank You For the Feedback.

Edit: Rangda without assasin is not too good, the DoT from luka is just OK from itself, but atleast have good AoEs with rawa and kutukan.

Hmm…Not so much a choice i have…

i will go (my char level 260 right now :D)
Scout > BM > Sheriff > Linker (I heard linker good for bossing)

Thank you.