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Necro/Socerer Cards for Necronomicon and Grimoire

Hello all,

Decided to test out necro/sorcerer (afk) built for the first time, can someone advise me on what cards to use for Necronomicon and Grimoire?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Grimoire: I supose you are playing without arts, so I think summons that have physical attacks are better atm. >> I << would go for:

  • templeshooter
  • marnox
  • ignas (if you can afford. if you can’t, sabe you’re money for other things)
  • gorkas
  • netherbovine

and when/if you want to use ride or summons with arts you can still use templeshooter, ignas, gorkas, netherbovine and ALSO froster lord (really good for cleaning mobs), zaura (haven’t tested him without arts).

Thanks for that, any idea what to use for necronomicon?

For necronomicon you can use any plant, mutan or insect card ( 4 same kind) , this only increase a bit ( like 5% ) overall hp for sogooth