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Necro skills and sorcerer

3 Skills Waiting for some changes cmon dont be like that u dont even have to do new skills just some changes and if u dont want to REWORK all just change skills Factors

Flesh Hoop useless right now only for the debuff that only stands for 4 seconds

u can increase the number of hits and skill factor to be a good skill or make it 10 seconds infinite hits with better Skf

or at least turn it in to a SHIELD of Bones that gives 10% of our hp to SHIELD 10 secs

Flesh Canon dont want to change the skill ok … but at least give 3 times the AREA and 10 times the damage right now sucks or bring back the pestilence meteor was hilarious and the evil laugh WTF why u removed it?

Summon Familiar make them scale with SPR and increase a bit more their SKF if u dont want to change the skill

but if u want to rework it would be nice to have a pasive aura that summons 1 familiar each 3 seconds max of 5 and they rush at enemies like a bomb but with better aoe and SKF otherwise is a lame