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Narvas temple: Into the Lions mouth (7) need help

does anyone know how to complete this quest?

its the quest in Narvas temple where i need to get 10 crystals and talk to the monk in the intersection

but i am unable to get the crystals by clicking on them on mouse mode

or using spacebar in keyboard mode

i also tried using “V” near them and still nothing

talking to the monk doesn’t do anything at all

speak first with the monk at the other point marked on the map

i have the same issue. can’t interact with crystals or the monk.

i’m stuck with this quest

I have the same problem!!! PLZ IMC help us

it randomly worked when i switched to keyboard mode and mashed spacebar around to talk to the monk again. You need to remain in keyboard mode for some of the other quests on the next floor as well because you can’t interact with mouse at all.

It’s an AI bug: during this quest, the monk appears at two different locations (the old one is not discarded from the previous quest). If you try to speak to him at his former location, nothing happens. You have to go further west into the corridor and find his newly incarnation. Talk to him, this triggers the ques marker and makes the crystals responding.