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Nani.....? @BIG update

5>3 ??

easy drop more than normal?

its exist?

is this table mixed or what?
increased drop but X mark for archstone
350m reward included in before and after that no longer drop?
700m reward from non exist to drop, meanwhile 700m reward no longer exist and changed to 350m

nani? how are we gonna evolve now?
what kind of instruction is this lol…

most of all

wheres the arts detail?? (i know we still can find it through ktos update, but please, do provide official one)


Don’t you worry. They will update in 12 hours, as they always do.
I just hope they do it right.

But the question remains: if they could tease us last week about a big update, they should have that enough time to write this patch down to avoid this mess.

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i`ve done parts of their homework, they should do it right (though im still skeptical)

copy my homework, fix some errors, and get better mark to please our beloved daddy kim