Nak Muay should be in Cleric Class


I’ve been playing this game for long time until the re-built patch release. It’s very good idea to have a scout class separate from an archer class, but one thing that you haven’t change is a Nak muay class. In my opinion Nak Muay class is actually a bare hand strike class, so if you move this class to cleric group class it will be really good combination. Also it make more sense and fit with Nak muay true story that they have to train themselves in the temple with the monk. If my suggestion possible we can be able to play a bare knuckle class in the future.

Please leave a comment below if you guy agree or disagree.


:person_in_lotus_position: please sit and allow me to tell you how much nak miau sucks and that you don’t want that class to take your space on cleric…


Swordies don’t need him too. :tired:


As I wrote in a post, Nak muay and monk must be in they own class tree, in a Martial Arts tree. I hope you can give me your opinion An Martial Arts Tree