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Nak muay oriented build help

Hello! I’m a pretty new player, but got my hands on class unlock voucher from event and used it to get nak muay on my new swordsman.
The thing is… I’m not good with thinking up builds and for now I only know that I want to focus more on nak muay skills but I’m not sure what other 2 classes I should take to compliment it. Barbarian probably will work really good with it, but what about 3rd choice?
Also could you post some build examples for me?

Thanks in advance!

Edit PS: I’m aiming mainly for PvE content.

you can go for
nak>barb>doppel for AoE
nak>pelt>barb for def, and aggro mobs for faster XP
my current build is hop>barb>high , but i’ll probably try hop>barb>nak when the Nak Muay patch comes in.

have you heard of the New Nak Muay patch?

No, I didn’t hear about the patch. Like I said - I’m new and didn’t pay attention too much about what is planned for future for now.

Ram Muay
-While the stance is active, you will now inflict [Shock] on enemies when basic attacking for 5 seconds.
-While enemies are [Shocked], Nak Muay attack skills have a 50% chance of dealing an additional hit.

Te Kha
-Skill Factor per level increased (7.8% -> 11.7%).
-Now deals 50% increased damage to Boss monsters.

Sok Chiang
-Skill Factor per level increased (8% -> 16%).
-Now deals 50% increased damage to knocked down enemies.
-[Bleeding] chance increased up to 100% when your STR exceeds the enemy’s CON by a sufficient value.
-[Bleeding] hit interval decreased (1.5s -> 0.8s).
※The effect of [Bleeding] duration being reduced by 50% in Team Battle League has been extended to also apply to all PVP areas.

Te Trong
-Skill Factor per level increased (46.8% -> 80%).
-Now deals 50% increased damage to [Bound] enemies.

Khao Loi
-Skill use time has been decreased (1s -> 0.5s).
-Skill aftercast delay has been decreased (1.2s -> 0.5s).
-Skill Factor per level increased (29.5% -> 73.75%).
-No longer deals increased damage to flying enemies or those that are riding a companion.
-Now deals 100% increased damage to enemies affected by Te Trong.

Muay Thai
-Enemies affected by the additional effects of Nak Muay skills will now take 100% increased damage from Ram Muay for the duration.

here’s a short vid on Muay Thai skill in action. :slight_smile:

Oh my. Well, it seems that NM will get a nice buff, so that’s nice for my newly planned character, but it doesn’t help me much with my main topic here :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I’ll try doppel>nak muay>barb (barb as last is a bad decision probably, but I already have it on my matador-fencer build and want to try out doppel first :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I need to think about the skill distribution first.

you don’t really need to follow this, but this is what i would be going for if i was making this build. think of it as a basis :smiley:

Hm… Wouldn’t I need Zornhau to use Zucken and then Redel? They are connected I think. I know there is attribute that let’s me use them after Zwerchhau, but I need lv350 for that one, also I can’t put points in those two if I don’t have the first one.

ooops sorry, wrong skill, hahah. yah u need those to connect. this were my doppel skills on my Pelt>doppel>mata

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Seems pretty nice, hmm… last thing probably - what made you go with more points into Sturtzhau, rather than Zwerchhau and Zornhau? (I’ve seen that a lot of builds with doppel don’t take Sturtzhau at all)

[Sturtzhau] has 3 Overheat comapred to [Zornhau]
while [Zwerchhau] also has 3 OH,
but [Sturtzhau] wins for me due to “ignores 50% def”

if u don’t have any idea on wat cards to use, i recommend lv10 “Prison Cutter” card
deal 10%more dmg to bleeding enemies (30% if u have 3 of those), since nak and doppel has bleeding skills.

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Mrhm, that’s a nice info about cards, but I’ll have to find out how to get them first ;p
What Overheat does?
I’m still thinking about which class to take first… Doppel would be something new and probably fun, but barb would give me bigger boost to nak m on 2nd advancement due to frenzy and warcry. Choices, choices xD

“Overheat” means how many times you can use a skill before the cooldown sets in.
3 overheat means u can use the skill 3 times before the cooldown timer sets in.

you can find cards at the Market, but you can get them later if you want.
and i would go with barb first than doppel. like u said because of frenzy and warcry.
best of luck

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Thanks for all the help :3 I think I’ll manage from now on and yeah, I’ll probably change doppel for barb (with this event it’s so easy to get diffrent vouchers <3 )

If anyone else wants to add something then feel free to do so!

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Is there any changes to the cooldown of those skills?

they all stay the same. except for Muay Thai skill cooldown changed from
2mins to 1min 30secs.

Oh ok, cool! Muay thai is sick, too bad the CD is so high.

Honestly though, I think even though nak muy skills have low cooldown and they are getting buffed, I still think it’s quite underwhelming without overheat.

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yah, but they make up for it with the 50% chance to additional hit, new fast animations for the high kick and the knee skills, and the additional 100% dmg.
also it hits like a train XD. one of the main reasons why i made that loadingscreen art in the first place, i love that class. :smiley:

imho Ram Muay can be lowered to 1, and Te Kha can be higher then sok.

also u can lower Zucken to 3 and get 15 in Sturtzhau.

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skiaclipse 2h sword has +30% dmg for redel and zucken, still not worth maxing those two?