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Nak Muay changes Suggestions

Other than Skill Factors that its way outdated in every single skill, I want to suggest a change to the Muay Thai skill.

Although the removing the cool down is a unique aspect, it alone end up being swallow. (i m considering the chance of extra hits.

  1. Lets consider that your character gets full focused while the skill is active, by considering this its not hard to think he will focusing in hitting the enemy making reasonable increasing the Accuracy.

  2. I personally think that changing the cooldown of 0.5s into something like ignoring defense would be more attractive.

  3. This one is more crazy. Making the Nak muay skill having a chance of exploding in blue flame(spiritual energy/chi) on hit or when crits, causing extra additional damage.

And on top of every thing making it usable in PvP because just like Murmilo and Retiarius, Nak Muay is another class that was performing in the Arena.

If you agree or disagree from what i put here, feel free to reply.

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