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Nak Muay Build help


The AA build for Nak, with Barbarian + Peltasta.
The effect of the skill “guardian” and “hard shield” are maintained with the arts of the Nak Muay boran skill?
I think it would make a nice combo.
Are there any other class recommendations for better performance?

Use dragoon or blossom blader instead of peltasta, you pop their “final damage” buff, do a rotation of skills, activate boran and fill the gap with auto attacks i guess

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I was thinking on Peltasta to sulvive more on the last contend episodes. The mobs hit hard. But Dragon and Blosson seen very nice choices to.

If you wanna a bit of damage resistance I suggest going for a shield build, take murmillo or rodelero. The block chance you get by using a shield is more than sufficient to keep you alive in most of the PvE situations. Nak has a good fit in a midnight baptism build such as rodelero or murmillo. Currently I’m playing as Nak-Murm-Hop and the build is really well balanced in damage and defense, most of the dmg received gets blocked so it’s 60% less dmg received. All these three classes also have good CON scaling, so defense buildup is natural