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Naat Ta Sin Class (Imagination Class)

Naat Ta Sin Class
“Naat Ta Sin” is Thai Dance

Fon Lep LV.15 (Holy)
-Attack thai dance with strong hands. Can be used only when the Ram Thai buff is active.
-Skill Factor: 1255 x3 (+198 per Level)
-CD 25s
Video Skill > (

Ram Thai LV.5 (Holy)
-Give Ram Thai Buff 30 min
-Basic Attack Speed + Holy
-Attack : 79% x3 (+32 per Level)
-Basic Attack Speed : +30 (+15 per Level)
-CD 20s
Video Skill > (

Naang Ram LV.5 (Dark)
-Vengeful attack , Summon Spirit (Naang Ram)
-Summom a Naang Ram x3
-Attack : 49% (+19 per Level)
-Physical/Magic Defense : 49% (+19 per Level)
-Max HP : 27.42% (+14.45 per Level)
-Duration : 30 Minutes
-CD 20s
Video Skill > ( )

Ra Naat LV.10 (Holy)
-Give a Ra Naat buff to the attack party
-Additional Damage : +1589 (+121 per Level)
-Allies Affected : 2
-Buff 30s
-CD 35s
Video Skill > (

Kreuang Sayn LV.10 (Dark)
-Delete your hp and your hp friend -50% (all level)
-give buff “Spirit Naang Ram” 15s to only skill user
-“Spirit Naang Ram” if you die with a buff ,this skill will use auto again one more
-Skill Factor : 1849 (+899 per level)
-CD 55s
Video Skill > (

Naang Ram Doll lv.5 (Dark)
-Summon a Naang Ram Door and it charges forward damaging enemies along the path.
-Casting Time : 5s
-Skill : 4517% (+1985 per level)
-AoE Attack Ratio : 7 (+1 per level)
Video Skill > (

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