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[NA] Territory Wars Beta Feedback Roundup

Greetings, Saviors!

First of all, we’d like to thank all the guilds who are participating in the Territory Wars beta test in [NA] Klaipeda and everyone who is taking the time to leave their feedback and comments.

Forum:[Gameplay Feedback >> Territory Wars]
Survey: [Guild Territory Wars Feedback] - answers accepted from April 17 to 24, 2018 ONLY

This post is going to be a summary of some of the feedback we collected from the forums, the GTW survey and in-game. We will update it as necessary as the test period continues, so make sure to continue participating and letting us know what you think of the new content.

— APRIL 19, 2018 —

  • Boss Monster Specs

    • Boss monsters take too long to defeat. Too much time is spent trying to get the boss buff.
    • We need to reconsider whether the buff reward is worth the time spent obtaining it, and whether the bosses’ specs are set too high.
  • Boss Monster AI

    • The boss in Inner Wall District 8 walked all the way down to the entrance to Steel Heights and received the Safe Zone buff.
    • We may need to set a shorter maximum distance from the original point where the boss spawns.
  • Points UI

    • There’s no need for the guild currently holding the Spot to appear in the points UI.
    • When multiple guilds have 0 points, we need to revise the order in which they appear in the points UI (since they don’t really have a place in the ranking).
    • Some players say they couldn’t see the points UI. We need to check this too.
  • Results UI

    • The main results window is still being displayed in Korean (we need to edit the graphics).
    • When the results window pops up for losing guilds, the emblem of the winning guild changes to a different one after a few seconds.
  • Amplifiers

    • The bonus obtained from destroying an Amplifier only applies if your guild is inside the Spot. When the guild defending the Spot has a strong defense, the Amplifier bonus ends up not being well utilized.
    • Our goal in having the Amplifiers spawn as different guilds seize the Spot was to help disperse players away from the Tower, but in the test that didn’t always happen.
    • Part of it may have been due to how the map is structured, with its small areas connected by narrow passages accentuating the problem.
    • We might need to consider new Amplifier buffs besides the +5 movement speed, like additional damage or other bonuses useful in PvP.
  • Optimization

    • Many players feel like the GTW still need better optimization. We’re currently preparing a new patch intended to address different optimization issues (like improving stability during quests) that’s expected to help with this aspect.
    • We also received several reports of client crashes. The latest patch related to these issues is being applied to our kTOS servers very soon, and we hope to bring it to iTOS as well in a future update.
    • Meanwhile, we’ve installed performance profiling tools to help us respond to server-side lag problems, and we will continue to collect performance data for our next optimization endeavors.

One of the biggest issues that remains is server side optimization. Using skills or attempting to swap equipment has a huge delay, especially once action starts happening.

On top of that, occasionally everything will stop moving for 5-10 seconds. The game client hasn’t frozen as the graphics are still running just fine, but everyone is standing in place or is running off the screen into the distance. You cannot use any skills or items while this is happening. Afterwards, suddenly everything speeds up and catches up. Usually this results in player death and makes it very hard to play. This doesn’t just happen in GTW, but often in other battle contents as well such as Challenge Mode. When it happens, it seems to most of the time (or always) occur to multiple people (or everyone) at the same time.


templar need more love :C
the skills have a huge waiting time :sad:

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I am sure this list isn’t all inclusive, but it seems odd that you didn’t mention two feedback items that were mirrored in tons of feedback posts.

1.) Safe Zone abuse from players
2.) lack of TBL rules applied

Can you confirm these are known issues as well?

It seems like bosses are designed for big guilds. Due to the huge difference between a guild with 30 players and good damage dealers vs. a guild with 5 players and pvp builds, perhaps the bosses should get weaker over time, so they’re hard at the start of the match and easy to kill later on, with a visual indicator of that.

Splitting into 3 maps did help a lot, but the biggest optimization problem in the new maps was loading in players when you encounter them. We tried going down the choke point in Galeed, and loading in the defending guild turned the game into a slide show. This is similar to the problems with loading in crowds of players as you move around Klaipeda channel 1. The game could pre-load more assets instead of loading during combat (and make sure they don’t get unloaded every time you go back to town), and make better use of multithreading while loading.

Of course, we are also sharing ideas to improve the current Safe Zone (Green Zone) and we are discussing for more ideas, if you have any ideas, we are waiting to hear it too.

you could find this on the last section of following announcement

[UPDATE] GTW Restrictions

In general, the same restrictions are applied to Team Battle League and Territory Wars (including the reduced damage between players, skill restrictions, etc.). However, there are a few exceptions, as follows:

  1. Consumables
  • Soul Crystals and Warp Scrolls cannot be used in GTW.
  • Skill scrolls can be used, but not within the perimeter of the Tower (the “Spot”).
  1. Skills
  • Skills restrictions apply the same as in TBL, with exception of Summon Guild Member, which can be used in GTW outside of the Spot (perimeter of the Tower).
  1. Equipment
  • Weapon and armor transcendence/enhancement values are not restricted in GTW.

This isn’t true though, as skill specific restrictions are not in place. All skills function as if they were not being used in TBL.


-The duration of Healing Factor is not reduced.
-The HP granted by Ein Sof is not reduced.
-The duration of Statue of Goddess Ausrine is not reduced.
-The number of targets affected by Raise is not reduced.
-The duration of Shield Charge is not reduced.
-The duration of Revive is not reduced.
-The duration of Haste is not reduced.
-The level of the Raise debuff is not 1, causing it to work despite protection against debuffs.

This is 8 different examples. Skills are operating exactly as they do in PVE and not being tweaked to TBL rules.

For your developers, the reason for this is because the function IsPVPServer(self) is returning 0 instead of 1 during GTW.

Here is also a small video showing the server lag issue I outlined in my previous post. You can also see bad graphical distortions in the distance, and buff icons being duplicated. Click the link for a bigger picture so you can see it better.

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To be Honest, it ‘suppose’ to act that way, but we received some other report and including your video report, yes we think this is one of the bugs as well. :sad: If possible, we would like to receive the feedback section - which you already send us via this forum thread, but also send us in the official feedback survey and such so we could have documented number to press out with actual numbers.

Whew, just back from talking with devs.
Now, they said,

  • The following skills/attributes apply the same as in TBL: Heal, Ein Sof, Ein Sof: Stacked Healing, Cloaking, Sleep, Iron Hook, Stop.
  • Summon Guild Member can be used in GTW outside of the Spot (perimeter of the Tower).
  • All other skills apply they normally would (without the restrictions of TBL).

So, our former announcements was faulty one, we fixed this .
By, the list of the skills they provided, we will look into the Ein-Sof.

None of those skills are following TBL rules, unless you changed them this morning. They still have full, unrestricted duration.

Got it, I’ll let them know about it.

OK thanks for the clarity, can you get further clarity on Dispellers and their intended use for GTW?

If they fix this issue, it will resolve those as well. Basically the game is treating GTW as a PVE environment for all purposes. Restrictions like Summon Guild Member are special restrictions coded for GTW, so it will have those, but all other TBL restrictions are not in effect.

Just let SEA and other regions to test it too.

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Guilds in SEA have be consistently organizing own GvG since merge.

Player count, which includes spectators

First skrim : 78+++ (Pre Optimization Patch) 1-5FPS
2nd skrim: 98 (Post Optimization Patch) 10-15FPS

True FPS test bench


It would probably be a huge lagfest, but I dream of the day we have a server vs server PvP like Guild Wars 2 WvWvW.


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