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[NA-Klaipeda] Vanir Guild Recruiting!

Guild Name: Vanir
Server: NA Klaipeda
Guild Leader: Alllfather
Guild Size: 46 Members, medium sized guild
Interests: Leveling, Making Friends, Chilling in Orsha

Welcome to Vanir!

We’re an old guild that has recently come back to the game after the new changes to ToS. We’re seeking new members to share the knowledge we’ve learnt trying out the new mechanics. We’re an international English speaking guild with members from Asia to Europe.

A lot of us chill by the rug up north of the goddess statue in Orsha Ch1. Our main hobbies are afking and procrastinating. Our goal is to level up by sitting in Orsha and doing nothing all day.

If you’re interested in our chill, underachieving, procrastinating guild please message Alllfather, Freyja, Rayguard, Wins, or Sanct, or drop a reply on this thread.

We hope to see you in the guild soon!


Posting this for the guild event.