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(NA Klaipeda) Lagging and Backmasking

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :After weekly maintenance

Server Name:Klaipeda

Team Name:Azuqua

Character Name:Ursula

Bug Description :Insane lag and Backmask

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Play the game

Screenshots / Video :

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The lag is disgusting and game freezing’s if you leave still is as annoying :rage:

The weird thing here is that it seems fine for players in Klaipeda from NA, but seems to be heavily affecting my friends playing in Klaipeda from outside NA.

The worst is the constant rubber-banding when cancelling staff/rod auto attack, or using skills that move your character like murmillo’s Frenzied Strike.

Your character moves to the new location and then phases back to where you started. This happens to me and I play from the Northeast Coast of the USA, right near the Klaipeda Server itself.

It also desyncs you so other players see you at the new location, even though the game pushes you back to where you were.

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funny enough your character can go back to the same spot in time, but game keep ticking and time keeps moving…

super frustrating when you want to do instance or CM and you see the time die out as you try to cast your skills or move to the next part only to have your character warp back to the moment before you hit the button for the 100th time :sob:

I am having this problem on NA Klaipeda as well, though for me it appears to be coming in two separate issues.

First: the problem described in this thread. That is the skill delay, skill failed to cast, rubber-banding movement. On my screen, I “teleport” back to a previous position. On others’ screens, it either desyncs or shows my character walking back to the spot I teleported to, or a bit of both.
This used to happen consistently on one of my laptops (intel i5, intel integrated graphics) and not at all on my other (intel i7, nvidia geforce gtx), with the same internet connection and in-game //ping. Somewhere along the line, this was fixed in one of the optimization patches. I took a break following the release of exorcist and came back recently and found that the problem has returned…but this time on both computers (though less frequently on the latter).

There’s a second similar, possibly related issue I’m having which is that my client appears to desync from the server more and more as I play, and my connection quality deteriorates in large spikes. I typically can start a session at what feels like 200-300ms latency and then it gets worse and worse to 500ms, then to 1000, and so on. This reflects in skills not casting, mobs not dying, hazards not properly updating, and players appearing to stand in places where they are not actually. Weirdly, the server doesn’t actually boot me and //ping doesn’t always indicate that there is a problem. Furthermore, the chat function works just fine and communicates instantly.

This has resulted in the game being near unplayable for me in a way that it never was before.
I have considered that this is a new problem on my end, and that is certainly possible, but I play many online games and tos is the only one that suddenly has been having problems. To this end, I do not know what steps I can take that haven’t already been hashed out endlessly. :frowning:

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