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NA Klaipeda annoying lag spikes


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Hello @notme,

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Kindly send us a support ticket regarding this issue for us to assist you further.

It’s not just me Francis, most of the server is complaining about it
So I’m not in need of personal assistance :joy:

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Also, it’s not only Klaipeda. We have the same problem on Orsha. x_x


Same on Fedi mission, maybe some surprise utopian patch implementation?

lag spike has been around for a long time. nobody bothered to complain because from past experience we know nothing will be done.

Good thing i wasn’t the only one, since a couple of weeks ago i have been noticing that, specially on TBL hours

i have lag since i started to play never played TOS without lag im so used to play with lag is just normal to try 2-3 times to cast the same skill over and over but also stupid absurd at this point yea i agree with ur comment lag has been for a long time but ppl just doesnt complain until its really heavy…

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