Tree of Savior

Mysterious books


Hey. I wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about these two books:

Pyromancers Lab book

Orsha book



you get access to Pyro books after completing quests…

As for the orsha it could be part of the open one and the pirate story…

I could go check it out…


Do you remember which quests?

There are other readable books in that spot in Orsha.
There’s just this one that looks dormant though.
I would appreciate it if you could take a look at it if you have a guess!


I have all visible quests done and I cannot read it, that means it is ether a hidden quest that opens it or story yet to be implemented into the game…

I do remember doing a Sage (I think it was sage cant remember) quest that let me read the ones that said the same on Mage Tower…