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My Skill Points are Gone

Hey guys, I’m a returning player from beta. I have a level 179 cleric who had skills all the way up to monk. I log in yesterday to see that not only are all my skills not learned, I dont even have my points returned to me to relearn them. Please help, I have no idea why this would be an acceptable thing to happen to a player. I’ve already sent a ticket to customer support and all they said was to read this update event:

Yes, I understand your game updated stuff but that does not warrant the removal of all my skill points.

Is this a bug? Is this intended? I could really use some clarity, thanks.

Check the market NPC and retrieve the EXP cards there ( Which you consume to get skill points once you level up your base levels & job levels)
The information was provided in the above link:

All Characters Reset

  • All character classes have been reset.
  • All accumulated class EXP has been reset and issued to players as Class EXP Cards, which can be found in each player’s Market Retrieve tabs.
  • All equipped items have been unequipped and can be found in each player’s Market Retrieve tabs.
  • Certain timed items returned to the Market Retrieve tab may look like their remaining time has changed. The correct remaining time will be displayed after you move to a different map.
  • All attributes have been reset and refunded as attribute points.
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I received and used a skill reset item, and it gave me 1 point back … am I missing something? Im very confused.

Im supposed to use all these EXP cards to get my points back?

you use the EXP cards , raise your job levels . get skill points.

Base levels do not give skills points
Raising your job levels does