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My 'Scout' character can not equip 'plate'

Date and Time : since re-class to scout - 5th September 2019 7:46AM(GMT+7)

Server Name: [SEA]Telsiai

Team Name: Wingys

Character Name: Repairo

Bug Description :
One of my scout characters is unable to equip plate type armor when another can.
even having ‘Plate Mastery: Defense’ skill.
look at the screenshot I attached here u will see the plate type armor being red.
Please help.

Screenshots / Video :

That armor is for swordies only, look at the class icons. Just another dumb feature from an old item.


Hi @princewitch,

Kindly send a ticket to customer support regarding this for further assistance.


Off the top of my head, I think that’s the only set in the game that’s swordsman only.
You should be able to equip every other plate set with no problems.

that particular armor set really confused me. it’s stated as swordsman only, but higher level plate armors still can be equipped by scouts, like level 400 akmo armor. So yeah, perhaps the devs just forgot to change that particular plate set into every class, or it is intended for whatever reason they have.

Why should players pay-attention/read if GMs do not…

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