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My review of episode 14-1

I had high expectations about the new content… and of course I got disappointed :frowning:

The story: it’s nice to finally see the Centurion master after six years, and it’s always lovely to do quests with Pajauta… but every quest in this episode is the same repetitive “kill x mobs and find x soldiers”. And it seems the quest finishes abruptly without any transition, no final epic battle (for those who started to play Lost Ark and get to the first big battle they know what an epic fight is…), no introduction to the new raid (you just click F10 and start it)… and where the hell is Beholder or the red haired girl from the intro screen? Also the new episode doesn’t give enough exp cards when you start at level 460, which forces you to do many CM runs to reach level 470 and start doing new content.

New gear score: problematic. Characters that had 490 gear score and could do Vasilisa raid now start with 6400-6700 at level 460 and can’t do the raid anymore. Of course, the automatch version is now dead so you should do the solo version, which is quicker and doesn’t require gear score, but still that’s an overlook from the devs. Now for the new raid, you need 7000 for the solo version and 7250 for the party (automatch) version. Since my main was created later on compared to some of my other chars I was not able to reach 470 with it yet so I cannot tell, but I’ve leveled up a few alts to 470 (those early chars who had a lot of leftover level 16/17 exp cards), equipped the “fodder” earring and Isidavie accessories… and my gear score on these are a little bit under 7200. Since they are “alts”, they only come with +16 Goddess equipment (no investment other than the 2 weekly solo snake runs), +1/+2 Boruta seals (no access to these except a few fragments here and there from Fedimian lottery due to not participating in Blockade raids anymore) and low level arks, and I don’t see how I could spend more time or resources on alts at this point (dead market, high requirements for main char, lack of parties to do content faster…). So yeah… I can’t do the automatch version of the raid with these chars.

Problem #1: one of them is my healer, and there’s no way I can do solo raids with it. So I need to invest more until I can break the 7250 mark… and that score REALLY increases slowly. This means using the resources I was devoting to my main DPS to my healer. And at this point, FAILING to upgrade a Boruta seal from +2 to +3 would be a disaster…

Problem #2: mouse mode.

“Fixed the issue that when clicking the monster during mouse mode, basic attack activates when using skills.”
“Fixed the issue that you cannot move with the mouse for 3 seconds when the mouse cursor is on the monster or character in mouse mode.”

So yesterday I finally leveled up a DPS alt to 470 and reached 7000+ gear score so I decided to try the new Delmore raid for fun and get a preview of what it’s like. And man… what a shitfest it is. I thought Vasilisa was bad… this is worse. At least the Vasilisa solo raid is trivial, this alt was already able to finish it in less than a minute at level 460, even with mouse mode and bugged hit box slowing down the process. The new raid took me… 25 minutes. And I didn’t count the number of Soul Crystals I had to use (ok the first run was a “blind” run so I didn’t figure out the wipe mechanic immediately)… but most of these deaths were due to the two above bugs CLEARLY not being fixed. When you’re locked in AA when targeting a skill at the boss and you have a millisecond to react it surely cannot end well. Plus 99% of the time you get those red boxes on the floor symbolizing the paths of the boss’s attacks and in mouse mode you simply CANNOT move when they appear since they block mouse clicks… so you’re stuck on the spot until you use keyboard to move (and that’s with WASD if you didn’t remap those keys… good luck with that). And to finish with mouse problems, some of the skills that require a target will fail miserably (invalid target prompt + going on CD) if you don’t click the PRECISE pixel that activates the boss target box (can’t tell how infuriating it is to try casting Damballa with Bokor for half a minute while clicking everywhere on the boss to find the spot that activates the skill… and the Delmore boss is a DOOR – it’s NOT MOVING, imagine now a boss that MOVES!!!).

After all that hassle… you get 14 fragments. Yeah that’s just enough to +1 your three accessories. This is gonna be problematic for alts. At this point, I will have to level up my main and see how it plays with a better equipped char and also try to fix my healer to be able to try the automatch version and see how it plays compared to the solo version. Anyway, this will probably be adjusted in the future like everything else…

Memory of Flame: well… you need 7300 gear score, will have to wait for a while… At this point, the best way of getting earring fragments is to participate in guild raids, this will force every remaining player to join a guild that can do these. I feel bad for the small group of friends that started a casual guild years ago and can’t clear these guil raids weekly… :frowning:

Arcanum Brewing: doesn’t work :frowning:

Archaeology: who the hell has time for this???

Oh well… time to resume exp grinding…

You can reach level 470 and buy a 450 gear score earring with 1 gabija token


A lot of people are missing this free earring and having a meltdown because they lack 400 Gear Score.

And all i can say is: tell your friend about the free earring costing 1 Gabija at Gabija shop → Equipment tab.

Oh yeah, and another thing is being overlooked:
Challenge mode on maps are giving insane amounts of XP. just with the event xp buff you can level up for each 3 to 4 runs of Challenge mode on map (each taking like 6-8 min to complete)

Also, the solo Vasilisa gives 72 Scales while the automatch gives 36 Scales tradables + 36 bound scales.
I hope i helped. have fun.

Draconis has this “free” Earring.

You are supposed to progress like this → Solo Vasilisa → Auto Vasilisa → Delmore Solo → Delmore Auto.
Vasilisa Auto is still good (for now) cause it drops the hard recipes (it won’t in the future).

You are not expected to, in KR people actually cried about the fact that the requirements were too low on release, having people join with characters that couldn’t clear the raid.

You can respawn inside the raid without using Soul Crystals infinite times just like Vasilisa solo

4 of the top 5 MMORPGs have WASD movement as the default movement keys, and you aren’t meant to click to move in mouse mode, mouse mode is just “standard MMORPG” mode

There are no spells requiring you to click your mouse, target is based on hovering not clicking (sorry if this comment feels pedantic)

Put up enchants with higher values and level up aether gems, you’ll get there

Has been fixed

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We only had like years to gearUp… to bad if for you if you didnt do that.

dont compare tos to lost ark otherwise you just gonna get disappointed
the only thing tos win against lost ark for me is its art style
i would love lost ark more if it has tos character art style
or even if latest ragnarok use this art style instead going 3d like the mobile does it will be more lovable to me

They probably should do some tutorial for any new content/raid (they added Arcanum & Archaeology, that is nice and I like those contents). They did it for the Heroic Tale and hopefully they would add it too for new Goddess Raid or any other new contents.

something I didn’t know til someone pointed it out today is you can buy a cheap metal detector for the archeology from an npc, so using the medal shop/party quest version isn’t necessary

Finished it.
Funny how soon they will sell 14-1 completion voucher in premium shop like how every other episode unlock voucher available already.
Talk bout experience, i said even early big villain like Gesti has more decent build up than latest villains being introduced.
I could get the feel of powerful villain through the questlines, the bit of horror, the feel of being a weakling since that was early age of game with no growth gear, op pardoner buffs etc, and most importantly the will of avenging the devils
I don’t feel the purpose of defeating new villain now but only to get new gear.
Am I savior or gear collector really…

Yeah that’s what will bring all chars above the limit, along with transforming Luciferie to Isidavie. The only problem is the loss of gear score at 460 which prevents doing automatch Vasilisa while you could do it before. With an alt DPS it’s not a problem: you get your exp cards, do 14-1 quests and complete with solo CM in Delmore while you still can do solo Vasilisa for your scales, and you’re level 470 in no time. The problem I have is with my healer. Before I could do automatch Vasilisa, now I can’t. Basically I need to funnel scales from other chars while I change classes to DPS cleric, do 14-1 quests with 40k matk (I really don’t feel like investing in another DPS set for a healer…) and then struggle because the char barely scratches mobs and can probably only do dun 400 runs (and alone because there’s nobody ever in Q anymore…)

No your comment is on point. It is supposed to work that way. And in fact it was perfectly working until somewhere back in november '19 when they changed how mouse interacted with objects and mobs. I remember clearly being able to target stuff by simply hovering over their hit target box and every skill was hitting properly. Today it’s not working like this anymore, or it is but since mob target hit box is bugged you don’t feel like it’s working properly. Trying to hover with mouse over a boss that takes half the screen and not being able to find the single pixel that triggers targeting is absurd…

After leveling my main to 470 and trying this, I didn’t really feel any difficulty, it feels like doing DS and I don’t see why the gear score requirement is so high, at least for the solo version. In fact, solo Memory of Flame feels easier than solo Delmore, yet has a much higher gear score requirement.

Agreed. A “light” version during main quest should be proposed, so you get the basics for the raid. I thought that would be the case for Delmore raid when the last entry after speaking to Ramin was “complete Delmore Raid (0/1)”, but there’s nothing after that and you’re left alone trying to do the raid without any explanation. How are you supposed to figure out there’s a bird in the air you have to shoot before lowering the boss hp to 70%? In a lighter version, Ramin accompanies you, drawing your attention to the door boss, warning you from the lasers and explaining the mechanics, how to pick up Kruvina bullets and charging the catapults with them, aiming for the flying bird or the shielded boss. And you get a proper aftermath dialogue. Concerning Memory of Flame, there’s not even a pre-quest for it, you just get the raid handled and figure out yourself what it’s about. Myself I didn’t figure out yet every effect the light pillars have except for the obvious ones, so I just brute force the thing with the extra DPS buff…

Along the “instant level 470” voucher. Plus we don’t have the last two episode rewards yet, I bet they will include +16 t10 goddess equipment so new players can focus on the Isidavie and earrings. And maybe, since the only equipment slot that was untouched by the episode rewards was the seal slot, a +3 or +5 Boruta seal (surely would piss off every player that actually crafted a +5 seal but who knows…)?

Early villains were awesome: Marnox, Gesti, Zaura, Rexipher, Hauberk… And they were actually a challenge in the early days. Now you can oneshot Gesti and Rexipher with a basic attack, Zaura is gone… and Marnox has been changed to a pathetic clown. The “main” villain, Giltine, was defeated and that should have pretty much been it, but no there has to be more… and frankly it feels like everything is stalling. Every demon that is supposed to be a villain is just a shady character you don’t even know what their true purpose is: Beholder, Baiga, Baubas, Ragana, and the new one – Veliona? – you can see her like a couple seconds in a fast cutscene and that’s all…

Yup that’s it. Giltine raid is a joke, it’s not even the real Giltine but an imposter, just to get mats for the overbloated Relic, and people ask for more. Memory of Flame is just another DS for roulette earring, which you will throw away 99.999% of the time (come on… wouldn’t it be simpler to use the mats to craft the earring you want, even if it takes more time and more mats? no just put 100% RNG and get pointless stuff that you will still equip because they inflate your gear score…)

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