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My map no longer has any channel (Map - Starving Demon's Way - no have channel)

I was on a map with only one channel, but I was disconnected from the game and now the map no longer has any channel. My character is stuck, the third only this week. I’m losing my daily quests and my little playing time. I have a lot of patience , but ta starting to bother enough. Please resolve their instability soon and move my character to a safe map.


map is Starving Demon’s Way.

[SA] Silute
Team name: Tormenta
Nick name: Tormenta

You along with others are posting in the wrong section. Please read the pinned topics before you create one.
Instead of waiting for a response here, just submit a ticket through Support.

The ticket was created , at the same time. I created the topic , for if others were having the same problem. Only this.

But, thanks for the reply. =)