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My Internet is fast... but my in game ping is kinda laggy

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : Its been 3 weeks since this lag occur

Server Name: SEA TELSIAI

Team Name: Amaki

Character Name: Ren

Bug Description : my internet is 150 mb ish but in the game its like 0.3 ping stable and it doesn’t even lowering to 0.1 or something, i tried restarting my wifi but it does nothing. i tried playing other online games(dota,csgo,valorant) and my ping was very low like 30-70 ish.

Please help me how to fix this issue so i can play well already :v , Thank you in advance


Same like me, this is very common in any game actually. Most likely ur ISP use a busier public route to connect to SG server. I use Mudfish to reroute the traffic or paid VPN to solve this kind of issue. It wont solve ping problem due to physical distance between PC and the server, but the method significantly reduce connection instability.

okay i will try that, thank you