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My history fighting against chat/queue cancer ever since 2017

tbh this chat error and cant queue have been exist in this game for sooo long

if you lived in my country there are couple ISP that will trigger this cant chat/queue error
and apparently some of my in game friend from another country have this issue as well

i myself reported this back in 2017, when i join itos, and i got the same autoreply telling me to check connection and verify thing which not help me at all
the connection was also perfectly fine, it let me join any other mmo smoothly, or any online steam game, except itos lmao

heres one of topic back in 2016, among many others since 2016

i assumed that the connection error was because my country was blocked from itos because we have our own tos so they blocked some of our ISP, but i was wrong.
my country tos was shut down in 2019 but this chat/queue error still exist when i using this certain ISP

i resent another ticket in 2019, with another details of possible reasons, and to no surprise at all, they still blame my connection and tell me to verify cache!

i even try to reinstall this game, just because this blocked ISP is my flat wifi, which is more handy to use and also provide better speed, and my usable ISP one is my phone wifi which gonna hogged its battery, and obviously reinstalling doesnt do a thing

i go as far as contacting the ISP to check if they are the one who blocked itos like maybe they think its p*rn app lmao, or they forgot to unblock it because my country tos was shutdown and now itos let us play the game without VPN, but they are not, they may not answer me with autoreply but they dont seem to understand whay my problem is lol

i was even have my own workaround which only works less than 50% of time by keep login in-out until i can use pt/shout chat, which means i can queue as well, but thats really pain in the a55 especially when your reason to play is to have some fun, not to torture yourself like this

in the end up until now the game still blocks certain ISP in my country from playing this game, and the only way to fix this is using “whitelisted” ISP or using VPN.

when i think of how hard i try just to play this game which i also paid for, mainly just because i love the game art style and its isometric design, this is so ridiculous.

its funny that now this issue become global issue and they are forced to fix this because theres no way they can blame majority people connection across the world especially when playing tos is the only issue and such thing like vpn no longer help

if a speculation is needed they clearly have no [more] guy who responsible in this connection sector.
even from early 2017.