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My gear progression hit a wall

So i reached 460 and used the succession system to upgrade my EP12 gear to goddess,
This dropped my gear score to 370, i’m locked out of most end game content,
the game is telling me to use Scales to enhance my gear but the minimum GS requirement for that raid is 420.
What do ???

First transcend those gears asap. You will need 20 BG for each. Next, try to get a boruta seal +3. It will enhance your set effect. If you haven’t participated in last month’s gift from GM then that’s very unfortunate. They gave away free demon/goddess armor set, free choice karaliene trans 10 set and a free choice lv10 ark. Those are end-game gears that used to take a long time to make, now a bit easier but still won’t happen overnight. Your aim for now is just to reach a gear score of 470 and slowly improve from there.


You can try:

  • Equip Galimive Ichors to your weapons and armor from the Equipment Storage.
  • Get Kaze Seal from Boruta quest and stat Ark from EP12 quest.

If you’re still short, you can try these. But it will cost some resources.

  • Getting Irredian Cevisa or Abyss Accessories and Irredian Seal from Sole Hunt (Amiss Dog/Madon Maiden) or buy from market.
  • Roll some stats to your random ichors, requires some magnifiers.
  • If you have some Pamoka Solution, you can apply set stats to your equipment via Alchemist Master
  • Apply enchantment (via Goddess Equipment Management) & awakening (via player shops) to your equipment

Hope this helps


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