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My account has been restricted

Yesterday my account took restriction being that neither use nor ever used any kind of hack or bot and also never abused any mechanics of the game. I opened a tickt today to have answers but the answer I had was very vague, so I decided to open this topic here in the forum. I wanted to at least know what rule I supposedly broke and if it was something wrong I wanted it solved as soon as possible.

Team Name: LunaCarmesim
Server: [SA] Silute



First responses are usually vague and unhelpful, guess that’s on the Online Game Support contracts :expressionless:

if you are truly innocent, don’t give up and keep pushing forward…

Hope all gets solved as fairly as possible :slight_smile:

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Well. I can’t blame imc on this one. Some random dude just posts in forum say I’m banned without telling who he is? That is just …banable.

He’s not random, he’s just trying recover the account. I don’t know if u don’t saw or u r just toxic, but this r the first topic he made

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@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob Hey

Luna (The creator of this post) is a member of the guild and his account has been restricted. He’s a good guy and this must be a misunderstood. Please, would you take a look at this? We are missing him!! <3

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Luna is very kind and never wanted to do something wrong that would compromise the game account that amuses her days. Please re-evaluate this situation, and give it a second chance!



Luna isn’t a random guy, he is a good person, good guild companion and very kind. I can’t imagine reason for his restraint! I hope they solve this as soon as possible.



Luna is a good player and I don’t believe his involved with any kind of irregular action.
Please check it and #freeluna

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Seriously, @edisonsun09, tell me: what are you earning doing this kind of post and giving free hate without reason?

Also, reading the author [@emanueleduc23] message, I can say for sure that you haven’t read his post.

He’s not a random dude. He is a player, client of this business, and he have his right to appeal to the company. Also, he have put his teamname and server that he plays in an later edit, ending with all randominess remnant.

It does not take more than basic text interpretation to see that. Also, it’s not ‘banal’ - the word ‘banable’ doesn’t exist - because he is the owner of his account and have the right to prove his innocence.

I guess you won’t be happy if your account or team get restricted without a valid reason and will not feel that is ‘banal’ or ‘vulgar’ if you try to appeal the ban.

If you’re with a lot of free time, focus on using that to study, learn a new skill, language, something, listen to music, do adult activities or something more productive that being toxic in a game forum.

Don’t try to “contribute” to the discussion if you don’t have anything useful to say about the player or to the situation. Nobody wins with that, but you become the only loser.

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As someone from the same guild as OP, I can say that if he did anything wrong, it wasn’t on purpose and didn’t have any intentions on causing any harm to anyone or the game’s integrity. He’s just a normal guy having his share of fun in the game, if there really shouldn’t be any reason for this.

So please, investigate this further and try to bring our friend back to the game, we already miss him a lot. :slight_smile:

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Also, I’m from the same guild as Luna.

I didn’t had and don’t have many contact and bound with him, but he seemed to be a good guy when I talked to.

I don’t think he is involved with any rule breaks.

That was probably a misunderstanding.

Hope this situation can be solved asap with all the clarifications and justice made.


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Explain yourself IMC why was she banned?

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Thanks to me. The OP decided to put his team name and server in his post. What do I get? Raise the awareness of ppl who making post in forum. How about that?

IMC always IMC. They don’t know how to fix things and ban random people . Is a trash company, they don’t giva a ■■■■ about anyone. I hope that u can recover your account Luna, but this company is suck. I think u’ll need restart again, or just uninstall this ■■■■ game.



Luna was very kind and helpful to me since i started playing TOs. Actually he always helped other players.
I never saw him creating conflits of any kind. Even when there was drama in shout, he didn’t say anything.
Our guild is always very supportive and there’s no dramas thanks to everyone including Luna.
He never showed any interest in addons, mods, cheats or anything, he always stayed away from that.
He’s just a humble person who likes to play the game even with low fps, bugs and all of that.
Sry if my english is not the best and #freeluna

Just commenting to see if the post does not die and see if the game’s staff respond to me.


We’re still waiting for a reply, please solve this issue as soon as possible.

Better send the ticket again.

Forum staff =/= CS staff, if the CS staff doesn’t want to give answer of what could make them banned, let alone the forum staff who doesn’t know anything about it. Tagging the forum staffs will get you nowhere.

Still waiting… Free luna!!!