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Multiple Lodges, No open slots?


Hey guys,

I got this game when it first came out on Steam, I grabbed an exclusive access pack way back then.
Seeing as that was a couple years ago now, I’ve sort of forgotten how a few things work, but I noticed that
on my log in screen I have 3 lodges, 2 of them are empty, and they each say that they have 7 character slots. However, I also have a field that says 7/7 max characters. So I guess I’m just confused, am I supposed to have 21 character slots, or 7? And if it’s 7, why do I have 3 lodges?

Any clarification would help a ton, thank you!


You have 40 total character slots. You start out with 4 or 5 now, but you can buy more slots.

The first two lodges hold 15 and the third lodge holds 10. You also have some flexibility if you want to move them around between lodges, so if you’re char capped and moving them around, your first lodge could have 16 in it–but you’ll have to move one out at that point to move someone else over.