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Multi Shot level 22

Yeah multihit skills are amazing. Try archer3/scout/fletcher. Multishot/flare/magic arrow for 3 abilities that can do pretty insane damage.

Ofc you can’t get them to lvl23 but even at 15 it’s amazing.

you have a good point. it will be devastating to a target who is stunned or rooted. but the point im trying to make is that the chance that you will be able to use the 23 levels to full potential is very rare. therefore its probably better off to invest into something more reliable. the benefit of maxing a skill is not that high unless you can utilize the full potentials. i mean we all know how devastating highlander’s carter strike is. but do you see anyone ever max out carter strike? no because having 5-10 levels of it is more than you’ll never need it to be. similar to muti shoot where i feel like having anything more than 15 wouldnt bring you too much good. then again everything everyone saids here would be opinion since you cant test something impossible.

Yes, i agree with you. I imagine that if it were possible to have Multi Shot lvl 22, would be at least very risky use completely. But I never used Multi Shot lvl 22 and do not know how long it takes to load and even if it is possible or not use, so I can not say how much the experience, just imagine it would be good to use against Boss because I use Multi Shot lvl 15 and I think very strong against a single target. The purpose of all this was just share one thing I found curious.

I blame myself for the nerf after talking about lv21 Caltrops and lv20 Cure etc etc.

You can still get +3 or +4 levels to skills which classes have +1 or +2 from weapons + monster gem and Divine Might.

Well the reason for me posting is to say even if you could get multishot lv50 you can cast it in 1 second double tap the skill and it works just like other charge skills. It automatically fires all the shots you didn’t charge and you can jump cancel it immediately and start casting the 2nd multishot or charge skill your using.

Before the ninja fixes to monster gems and other things I utilized I was able to use 1 multishot then fire off both twin arrows a heavy shot then multishot again while the first is still going and do 3 heavy shots. Now when you jump cancel you can’t use other skills but, you can still move out of the way and use the 2nd mutli while the first is still going.

That your suggestion must be very DoT, must be great against slow Boss or that little move, the problem would be that the DoT would be caught on the ground, anyway it is interesting. Builds I intend to test next cbt are:

Archer c2 > Quarrel Shooter c1 > Scout c1 > c2 Rogue (PvP)
Archer c2 > Quarrel Shooter c1 > Ranger c3 (PvE)

The only DoT is flare from scout. Multishot/Magic Arrow are just multihit skills. Multihit skills just scale amazingly well. For example rogue with pure str can do maybe 10k dmg. Multishot/Magic arrow can do 70-100k

I think I could understand you, so before was possible to have a skill Multi Shot lvl 32? OMG !!! Haha, totally insane. I really have been searching to see if the skill Divine Might had been nerfed, haha.

On weapons and sub weapons +1 ~ +2 lvls skills for Archers (c1) I am not aware. I think maybe in the future may exist.

On your tips about handling charge of skills, I believe that in the future don’t there will be more bugs this way, so be worth exploring this for now, maybe when the game out of beta this is interesting. I tested some of their tips and it really worked for me, others do not. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.

Got it. Really they are good numbers, hehe. Fletcher and Rogue are good options.

Level 16 all you need.

  • A Krivis.

as level 100.

100atk+150 from bow+50 from str+ 190 from skill= 490 atk
490 Atk217=16660

Now add crits.
I had one time 550 crit atk with my equip + krivis. And was still without gladiator bands.
So i would say my max crit woudl be 750 around that level.


For max possible crit without level 10 gems.

When i was at 550 crit.
I two shotted an level 90 Dungeon Boss …
That krivis and me did fast runs of the dungeon in like 1~2 mins.

I did not understand your count, forgive me. I think there’s a mistake.

Using his data, I made an account, look:

No critical
(200 damage multi shot + 300 atk physical) * 2 = 1000 * 17 = 17000

With critical
(((200 + 300) * 1.5) + 750) * 2 = 3000 * 17 = 51000 * 2 = 102000 Overheat

Analyzing everything you said, I understand the following:

The Zalciai buff of Krivis class is good.
The item Gladiator Band is good.
But the final damage is not as absurd as expected.

Ps. Where can I get the Gladiator Band? It’s hard to get one?

Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Sorry for my bad English.

YOu got a problem with that crit .

Crit atk is crit %, not just added atk.

the norm is 1,5 then you add crit atk/ 100 to it.

So when you have 100 atk and 700 crit atk.
You will do 100*7,5= 750 damage.

krivis buff gives you about 40+ krivis spr crit atk. And decreases enemy crit resits (which is nice).
gladiator gives about 110 crit atk.

And yes gladiator is hard to get, but not impossible.
Just need to farm lots and lots… which isnt worth it given that it willb e wiped 11.

Remember. Crits are before def reductions and will be applied “last”.
The thing about crits is, that it mulitplies your atk by a nice rate.

It’s the reason why barbed shot is so op too.

2000atk is easily reached with that skill.
Multiply it by 3 for cloth armor enemys.
Multiply that with 2 for the skill bonus attribute.
Multiply that with your crit rate, range from 1,5 to 8,5 most likely.

Deduct size modifiers, and the reduction from missle attacks (50% against large, 25% against small. Can be reduced by upping bows. to 10/ 5%.). Deduct def 3 times.
And finished is the dps calculation (nearly).

You will be around 80k dps with an 7,5 crit multiplier. After reduction of 10% + def.
With a 3 second cd … nice.

And overheat is just charge count.
As you can fire two … or i missed something while gameing all the time xD.

Now your formula makes sense to me. I had learned to calculate the damage otherwise. Analyzing your account, your critical attack seems to overpower, haha. I will consider all the possibilities when making an account, and see which applies to the game.
Thanks for sharing your experience. I recognize that Fletcher has a lot of damage.
My curiosity … I do not like to create poisons to my Wugushi class is extremely simple, but I find annoying. I think Fletcher is not for me.

Critical attack does not effect the critical multiplier. My paladin has a zalcai that gives 321 critical attack. When my smite critically hits it doesn’t even do double damage.

Smite noncritical 1862
Smite critical without Zalcai 2690
Smite critical with Zalcai 3152
Difference between with and without is 462

Since i have attribute 45% on my smite. The added damage of 321 is functionally 465. Which coincides with the data in game given my physical atk variance is 32.

Then you got something else going on.

It triples and qaudruples my damage easily ^^.

How do you explain a 4k crit with cleave.
Where the main dps is 1k, the attribute is only 0 and the stun bonus gives *2.
And i have exactly 150+50 from base crit atk on my barb.

Okay, the dps was 3800 ish after def reduction.

But still it works like this.
I even got it up to 6kish with a krivis help when we were doing dungeon 50 runs… level 63 barb.

Maybe smite is bugged?
Modifiers ^^?
Magic damage?

For my archer. I wouldnt and couldnt explain my 4k crits on multishot … with over 500 crit atk. I don’t have that much atk xD. I got alot dex.

If i went trough your crit atk calcualtions. All these people critting hardcore shouldnt be able to.
I havent gamed since a week or two… but it should still be the same.

Even with multi shot lvl5 with 10% attribute 85 critical attack I get
No critical 293
critical 529

Doing the math for if critical attack was added damage
((232~267 + 85 - 6)(1.5)+85)(0.83)(1.1)= 503~551 coincides with the values from testing
((phys atk + skill atk - defense)
(crit multiplier)+(critical attack))(missle penalty with +4 weapon against medium)(attribute bonus)= Potential damage.

Doing the math for if critical attack was a critical multiplier bonus
((232~267 + 85 - 6)(1.5 + 0.85)(0.83)(1.1)= 667~742 does not coincide with the values from testing
((phys atk + skill atk - defense)
(crit multiplier + critical attack multiplier)(missle penalty with +4 weapon against medium)(attribute bonus)= Potential damage.

You can find the formula used in this forum post [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

Also Cleave’s stun bonus is +200% so its actually *3.

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Ohh darn xD.

Guess who needs to check his stuff again.

Still wondering… how i got my dps when i was level 100 archer.

I critted for 4,8k against the flying boss. (before i made my archer be better xD.)
100(level)+150(weapon)+60(str)+190 (skill)=500 atk
Now 2 times for beign flying type 1,5 for skill attributes.
crit was around 400ish (krivis didn’t had full spr build), but lets go with 400 now.
1,5+400= 2650

When i was there i fought with an +6 bow. So that should be --26% duo malus of missle type.
minus def of that flying type boss it was around 4,8k crits… should have recorded it.
Maybe someone buffed me with something else too.
But non crits where around 1400ish dps…

Blessing is added at the end and doesnt help much.
And i doubt that the holy attribute … was the cause of it … that’s just 24 damage which gets modified… or?
If the whole dps was holy … it would explain it…

If crit atk isnt a multiplier.
Somehow i must be in a curve where my crit atk feels like an multiplier … or does crit atk get multiplied by “twohandbow mastery and skill attributes”?

2(twohand)*1,5(skill)= 3450

No … still not possible…

2cents here

You cannot put the stupid gem on any boots… so yea there’s that

Summary: Monster gems don’t stack, people are still confused on damage calculations, but at the end of the day Multishot is still one of the best skills in the game for boss DPS and a big reason why Archer c2/3 -> Wugushi is such a popular/successful world boss hunting class. Multishot, like all multihit abilities, is great. Also awesome for mobbing with a linker.

The best part of multi shot is that you can hit multiple targets if you have a high enough AoE attack ratio or debuff the enemy with a falconer’s circling. That makes one of the top single target skills one of the top multi-target skills.


Interesting … So AoE attack is not useless for archers.