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Movement speed buffs on shops

I know that there’s a lot of ways to improve walking speed, but it would be very nice if we have something long lasting. Goddess statues and blesses sprouts aren’t renewable as those itens are a kind of hard to adquire and when you have them, they vanish fast. So my suggestion is to add a Movement Speed buff on shops, or as armor enchantments. The whole game is based on walking speed, and it would make it much more dynamic (and also enjoyable) if we could have like +5 movement speed with a buff bought from shops.

There’s a speed potion that lasts 15 mins coming with the 470 cap

Nice to hear that, do you know if it’s going to be sold on Gabija Coins or Mercenary badges shop?

It’s crafted by players with mats, there’s a new “content” called Pharmacy

Nice! Thank you for the brief reply!

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