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Mouse Mode: Unable to see/target some quest objects

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 25/01/2020

Server Name: Fedimian

Team Name: TheZarks

Character Name: ByZex

Bug Description :
This bug has been reported already and it exists since I first played back in 2016, while using Mouse Mode, there are certain quest objects in which is impossible to notice or click on, this causes confusion as to what the player is supposed to do, the current workaround is for the player to swap temporarily to Keyboard Mode in order to proceed with the quest.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. None, just have Mouse Mode when playing.
  2. Quests: Surviving Lie, Lost Time (Rubbing of the petrified book), Great Escape Portal(1)(3), Secret Trade(3), The Alchemist of Nahash Forest(1), Sabotaging the Research(2), Barha Forest’s Antidote(3), Pass the Tree Vines(1), Raising an Altar(1), Better Offerings, Marks of a Legend(1) (Gather Poppy Bracken), Dangers “the” Lurks in the forest(1)(8 - Chem table) (Get Phamer Bracken) (“the” typo? “that”), To Ignas (Operate the Elevator Controls), Power of the Seed (Collecting branches) and The Restrained Spirit of Zanas(2) (There are probably more affected)

Screenshots / Video :
Surviving Lie

Lost Time (Rubbing of the petrified book)

Great Escape Portal(1)

Part 3 of this quest (Great Escape Portal(3)) is also bugged, no video needed tho.

Secret Trade(3)

The Alchemist of Nahash Forest(1) (All triggers except the Cauldron)

Sabotaging the Research(2)

Barha Forest’s Antidote(3) (All three triggers)

Pass the Tree Vines(1) (All 3 chem tables)

Raising an Altar(1) and Better Offerings

Marks of a Legend(1) (Gather Poppy Bracken)

Dangers “the” Lurks in the forest(1)(8 - Chem table) (Get Phamer Bracken) (“the” typo? “that”)

To Ignas (Operate the Elevator Controls)

Power of the Seed (Collecting branches)

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : Mouse


  • CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
  • RAM : 12GB
  • Graphics Card : RX 470 8GB
  • Mainboard : MSI B350 PC MATE
  • Storage : Crucial MX100 256GB + Western Digital Blue 500GB
  • OS : Windows 7
  • Internet Connection : 100mbps
  • Country, Region : Portugal

Edited to add follow up quests. Will be adding more as I encounter them.

This is a known issue that was already resolved in the KR version last week. We will likely receive this fix some time in the near future.


Hi @ByZex,

Kindly send us a Support Ticket in order for us to assist you regarding this matter.


in the server silute the same thing happens, the other thing that happens, when you try to attack some monsters, when you click, the character doesn’t attack, I can only hurt them when I use some skill

Yeah mouse mode is currently broken. I’m getting “target out of range” half of the time while trying to manually target stuff with mouse (targeting doesn’t “lock” any target), PvP or hard stuff like Misrus is out of question, it’s really a pain to play. Let’s hope the fix they got on kToS comes with ep 12 patch.

“- Fixed the issue in which players could not interact with objects easily with a mouse control”

Fixed my ass…

Yesterday I was leveling an alt and I was doing the subquests in Ruklys Street. Result: impossible to interact with the portals or the small papers on the ground. And then same in Downtown while trying to interact with the items on the floor. So it’s clearly not fixed…

Plus it’s still a nightmare to do solo content like Misrus or Legend Skia casual, because every five ■■■■■■■ seconds you get a popup telling you there is no target in sight because mouse doesn’t lock target properly even if it’s literally in front of you.

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and it still happens that there are monsters that no matter how many clicks you make, you can’t attack them using the mouse
and as you say there are still quest objects that you can’t interact with with the mouse mode

they only fixed some problems, but not all

Those are “quest” monsters that you have to interact with during a quest (like attach something in their back or talk to them while transformed to a ferret or demon). Only way to kill them is with “z”.

Ok more mouse mode problems. Same alt, leveling up with quests in Alemeth Forest. And here not only you can’t interact with the laboratory items using mouse, but it also doesn’t work with keyboard, because the target is locked on something offscreen and makes your character turn around looking for something else. Using mouse on the marker makes your character run on the spot like a headless chicken (same bug as the one from the Mutt mobs in Barynwell). Finally found a workaround for that, so if that happens to you you’ll have a way to complete the quest: press “space” just after clicking on the mouse marker – it will cancel the “running” bug and trigger the marker as you jump.

I already have the quests done, but I still can’t attack those monsters with the mouse, and it’s something they haven’t corrected.

also, even if you haven’t started the quest yet, you can’t attack them either

the “raising an altar” quest video bug is still not fixed