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Mouse mode targeting possibly bugged after patch?

basically i cant/very struggling to target the boss or mob with mouse mode (my cursor is actually very close to the boss its just recording visual desync)

edit: just found out that you have to left click a target first in order to start targeting it while you only need to hover your cursor to the target before arts patch, and its locked the target (which is same like keyboard mode but not available for mouse mode before), but the weird thing is sometime you can just hover like usual to target it
feels like this is more of a bug rather than intended, and its very annoying to cast a single target skills

i honestly think imc trying to gave mouse mode locking target system after last patch since we basically cant lock a target for quite a long time, but ended up bugged between locking target and hovering

I can confirm it’s buggued.

Did you send a ticket?

yes i did

also bump,
does any mouse user experiencing the same? :sad:

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I’m experiencing the same >.<

It’s feels weird at first, but I’m getting used to it tho.

@knnDY can you send a ticket for this? Thanks.

Confirming. Is bugged here too.

Feels weird for me too.

@STAFF_Yuri @GM_Francis
please do consider of taking a look to this issue/problem, thanks in advance

i experience the same too… i prefer previous patch

It is now a pain farm with SR. I lose target all the time.

Check settings page, there’s a new option under “auto-target skills”. I tried with and without the option, didn’t see any difference. Now you have to click everything with mouse before being able to target, it’s stupid. Especially with archer shooting while running around, you come close to mobs that will never target unless you stop and manually target them.

Played Gemstone yesterday, i struggled to target other players :tired:
Its very annoying and definitely feels buggy

There are 3 very core problems with being forced to left click to target first:

Sometimes left clicking forces the auto attack animation to start, which can break cloaking effects, or just stall whatever you are actually trying to do.

The target seems to drop completely at random even when you do left click, so targeted skills such as ambush, headshot, beady eyed, etc simply do not cast. You will stand there completely unable to use these skills.

Trying to left click to pick out a single target in a large group of players is nearly impossible. The two most important examples are GTW and Boruta or Moringponia. Even while those bosses are large targets, if there are 30 players right under them, it’s difficult to left click and actually get the boss.

Left clicking twice breaks it sometimes, using Z to auto attack breaks it sometimes. If this was an intended change, the game is just no longer playable in mouse mode.

Don’t forget to make a Ticket for this.

Thanks in advance.

Latest KTEST patch notes:

Fixed an issue with poor targeting when playing in mouse mode.

I assume this will fix the issues players are experiencing. It would be up to IMC if they want to bring this to ITOS sooner than a content update.

Thought this issue was just written me. It’s pretty annoying to deal with this. Struggling to properly target and maintain attacks consistently.

bump, please bring the fix to itos asap :tired:


+1 to this, the game is currently unplayable in mouse mode – you think Misrus hard mode is too easy? then try it in Mouse mode for a real challenge! :haha:

Thank god.
Crevox, not relatated to topic, but on “bugged things after arts patch” issue, do you have any information about Backmaking stop working on Hail? The rewind duration effect. Before patch was working jus fine, now dont. Already sent ticket but the answer was “try repair your game and blah blah”. Still not working. Maybe Hail is not a magic circle anymore ?

Hail has always had its “HitType” flagged as a “Pad” skill, which means that it is considered a magic circle skill. This means it benefits from things like Sweeping, Lethargy, etc, and this is still true in our current game.

However, I personally don’t know if it ever worked with Backmasking, as Backmasking specifically only works on placed magic circles, while Hail is a bit of a specific case. I’m not denying it didn’t work in the past, but, I personally haven’t heard anything about a change to this (on KR nor ITOS).