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Mouse Mode can't target mounted players

Date and Time: 2018/08/09 EST

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: Edoweiss

Character Name: Ritz/Kyrie

Bug Description :
When using Mouse mode, I cannot target players mounted on companions. Neither the target player nor their companion can be targeted, but they can still be hit by area attacks that don’t require a specific target. Sorcerers mounted on summons can still be targeted.

It is possible to hover over the player with the mouse cursor and see information, as if the attack were targeting that player. However, when a targeted skill is used the animation for the skill starts, but then nothing happens. The skill doesn’t go on cooldown, so it’s different from firing the skill at nothing at all. Basic attacks happen to work.

For instance, dimension compression would normally lose an overheat when fired at no target, but when trying to use it on a mounted character it tries to fire but doesn’t even go on CD.

I think this is an important problem to address if we want to push PvP game modes like Gemstone Feud and Guild Territory Wars. A lot of players like myself have been getting rather frustrated with this bug when playing Gemstone Feud in mouse mode. Supposedly these skill work in keyboard mode, but I really prefer mouse mode and would rather not invest the time in learning how to play the game with two different control schemes. Mouse mode works a lot better for me when using ground-targeting skills and generally when targeting non-mounted players. Right now mounted players feel effectively invincible to me, which is very unfun.

Note: I happen to use the zoomy addon, but I don’t think it’s related to that.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Switch to mouse mode.
  2. Mouse over player mounted on a companion.
  3. Use a single-target skill (Dimension Compression, Telekinesis, Smash Bullet, Tase, etc.)
  4. Skill doesn’t go off. Doesn’t go on cooldown.

Screenshots / Video :
Dimension compression not working. Basic attacks work.
Telekinesis not working.
Tase and Smash Bullet not working.

Old post about this bug.


Pvp is almost unplayable with mouse mode right now, mounted classes just run around like they are king and theres nothing you can do really frustrating.

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This happens with druid-transformed targets as well.


Unfortunately, this has been going on for months, and nothing has been done about it :
A couple of my guildies stopped PVP altogether because of this mouse mode issue.

I agree with kaizaxl. He is 1000% correct. Not only do they get more HP, stamina, movement speed from being mounted, they cannot be targeted. Very frustrating!

Happens to me all the time. There’s also a bug while your mouse target get stuck in a weird area on the screen and you can target properly anywhere

Can you check this? Because it’s really important for gamer with mouse… We have been waiting for a correction for too long.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi kaizaxl!

We will forward this report to the proper department for further investigation. We only ask for your patience and understanding while the invistigation is ongoing.

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Thanks for your answer… Let’s wait now (not too long I hope).

This. is. so. unfair. Druid already has invisible skills and are not targetable, lol

Still broken. Still annoying. :<