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Moringponia Spear Bugged?

The Moringponia Spear description states

“-Additional critical for Finestra
Critical rate changed to 4% per skill level”

This effect doesn’t show up on the Finestra skills information when the weapon is equipped. Finestras effect stays the same as if a weapon without the skill is equipped.

I’m not sure if it just the information not changing or the effect isn’t working. I’ve done some limited testing but the critical rates are just too random to be sure if it has an effect or not.

Okay, I did some testing and I’m 99% sure the effect works.

Finestra’s effect doesn’t show up in your stats, never did, I know that (Is that a bug as well?). But when you look at the skill it will say “Additional critical rate +##%” That number doesn’t change when the weapon is equipped even though it should since the base rate per level is going up. A Finestra skill gem and/or attribute points in the skill do effect that number so this weapon should too.