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Moringponia bugged on silute currently

as the time I am writting this, moringponia is currently bugged on silute, doing 999999 AOE damage to everyone around her

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quite a problem i would say. Its insta killing everyone and its taking 1/4 the normal damage.

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Hello @Nubanuba ,

Kindly send us a support ticket so we can investigate the matter along with a video as evidence of the scenario.

Thank you

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lol all you have to do is log on to silute and check it yourself


c’mon, don’t force them to install the game

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We have patched this issue through to our team to investigate. And we have been monitoring the Moringponia but unfortunately, we could not observe the reported issue. If you could provide us the video of the scenario, it could help our team’s investigation a lot.

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Moringponia bugged identically on Fedi this week, it’s exactly the same problem as Boruta when you put too many debuffs on the boss, it goes berserk and becomes unkillable. Need to wait for despawn to fix the issue.