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More premium back costume that is not a wing or baloon

im not a fan of wing. nor baloon.
and i love unique back costume like that kyubi tail, wedding bird scarf, flying scarf, marnox back costume, etc [not real item name]
plase add more premium back costume that isnt a wing, or baloon
cause they are sooooooooooooooo boring
we got wings this past 4-5 costume cube, it is back costume slot not just wing!

consider add

  1. cape, for capeless costume class
  2. riteris back costume
  3. coffin, there is coffin canon but i want coffin back costume for my not canon class
  4. big wolf tail, bigger than wolf costume or half wolf tail
  5. cat tail
  6. scorpion tail
    … more tails
  7. rocket booster, [i hoped task unit wing is sort of booster, not wing]
  8. a very very big backpack. there is explorer bag which i love it cause im a backpacker irl too but its toooo small!! make it waaay bigger like how you made red ribbon and big red ribbon

bold one i ll definitely buy it

write down your suggestion folk~


like this?

like this

a big bunny doll bag.

this will be a hit @staff becasue we got bunny mount, bunny doll, bunny costume and this will complete it! go tell em