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More maps and tales for Heroic Tale


Well I came back recently to the game so I may be wrong about the whole thing, if so ignore the post.

As far as I know, Heroic Tale is based on a tale of the Tree of Savior world about a hero who fight the demons and have a big fight against their boss. No one knows who they are. After an euphoric fight, the hero defeats the demon and put his name among the legends of the world. As Saviors, we relive this moment as the hero (lorewise that’s why we only use a simple weapon + necklace, no armor).

My suggestion is to add more tales and stories based on what we already have. Wouldn’t be necessary to create new stuff (would be cool nonetheless). IMC could adapt some mechanics based on the story itself. I’ll explain below (I wrote this kinda fast and I don’t have a lot of knowledge on lore).

Some examples:


Rumpelstiltskin was a powerful demon who loves to play games and gamble. He was famous for winning close to 100% of the bets. He only lost 3 times, against:

Barconsi (Book: Barconsi and the Gold Vein Goblin / The Cave of Legends: Revised Edition Volume 3)

  • Barconsi was once the Head of the Kedora Merchant Alliance and the Alliance was fighting Rumpel over the ownership of a big vein of gold. After a game based on 3 questions, Rumpelstiltskin recognized his defeat and on top of it he had to pay an enormous amount of silver to have it, since he was fooled by Kedora’s leader. His goal was to take the Golden Veins out of Rumpel’s or other demons hands, hiding is from everyone. Its location is yet to be discovered.

Lydia Schaffen (Book: Lydia Schaffen and Rumpelstiltskin)

  • Lydia Schaffen was one of the 3 disciples of Archibishop Maven, master of archers revered until modern days. She was a true adventurer, wandering around the world. Once she found Rumpelstiltskin at night and they both played a game: if Rumpel was capable of catch and ride an arrow fired by Lydia at a random target. At the 3rd round, she shot the arrow to the Moon – Rumpel went for it, but since it was still going for the Moon, he couldn’t leave, meaning the game was still open. No one knows if the arrow reached any target, nor saw Rumpel again. Fact is Lydia left and died without consequences of this game.

??? (still haven’t found it, if anyone knows :v)

Ruklys (Books: Roxona Civil War – Chapters 1 and 2)

Another of the Archbishop Maven, master of the sword. As the commander of the Royal Army, he started a revolution in order to protect the Revelation gave by Goddess Laima. Once in Roxona City, he went on a war against King Kadumel, led by Premiere Eminent, who sided with the demons in secret. Ruklys won and it was agreed his army would move to the Fortress of the Land in order to spare the civilians in Roxona City, but Ruklys was stabbed on the back and accused of siding with demons. Tricked to attack Lydia Schaffen’s hometown, he saw her lover (Lydia) siding with the Kingdom and kill him with an arrow.

Taokaka (Book: Taokaka’s Adventure)

Taokaka once encountered a demon spinning a Wheel of Destiny. The demon said one could take away what another has and give to them what they did not. Spinning the wheel again would randomly give one to the owner. The owner can spin up to 7 times; the demon was on his last try. The demon spun the wheel and got additional strenght, not letting Taokaka spin it on his turn. He left and Taokaka became the new owner of the wheel, venturing the Kingdom gathering something out of people – their most precious commodity. Fun, music, drunkiness, a toy knife, even death, ressurrecting one of the demon’s victim, a knight. After meeting the demon once again, Taokaka spun the wheel, taking the strenght from the demon and giving drunkiness to him. As a last resort, the demon spun the wheel for one last time and received the power of ownership. As he already had the wheel before, this would be the last time the wheel could be used ever. Afterwards, the revived knight killed the demon. However, they couldn’t use the wheel anymore for the same reason. Not too long after, Goddess Laima claimed the wheel. Finally, the Wheel of Destiny was reclaimed by the Goddess of Fate.

Thank you for taking your time to read, played this content couple times, could be used as a way to tell stories found in books. Farewell!

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They added another map to the rotation in KR we might get it next week or soon

I see, I wonder if they simply add a map for rotation only or has its own backstory…

This week:

“New area [Vortex of Mana] is added in Heroic Tale.”

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