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Moonlight (terang bulan) weapons

IMC, when will you release this beast?

it already in itos database since 20191029

Hopefully never.


t10 +16? while other players take weeks and millions to get there…

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for real? its going to be t10 +16?
i can handle t8 +11 but if they are going to be giving out t10 +16 weapons that’s a bit too much spoonfeeding. the highest upgrade i got is +14 but even i can appreciate the effort other players go through to get to +16 and upwards.

Maybe never.

Things in files does not mean they will be ingame.
Some stuff has been in them forever but not released.
Even more if its Event Items. KTOS + ITOS event are often different.


Giving players +16 t10 varna while it takes ages to farm for these (not mentioning that you need first to be ABLE to clear the legend skia raid which is not an easy task) is absurd beyond imagination…

this items are bonkers
people who back then farm to get himself savinose gears to t10 +11 or even +16 got their work betrayed by an easy events that keep spoonfeeding gears
not that i dont like free gears but they should just stop with savinose for now
perhaps if we are at max lv 500 and a new legend gears after disnai that works like varna is out, then they can subtitute the freebies with disnai, i dont mind it.
but they should just keep varna or the next varna alike to never be a freebies

No this event was supposed to be a lucky draw sort of thing in ktos where only 1 player per day or week got the item. If I remember correctly from the moonligh anvil event rules that is.

Also a +16 t10 varna is not a “jumpstart”.
It’s literally current end game tier weapon, wtf.


true, in the quest of getting a good weapon for PvP, I have exchanged planium for several spears to try anvil enhance and the best I got is +16. So this is literally all my hard work for free lol.

Nah I’m not angry, just a “jumpstart” is an understatement. Unless they make some change to anvil to make +16 is not that hard. Then we can call this a jumpstart.

I guess it’s +16 give away now because ruby anvil is the new golden anvil and you can spam it for +16.

I bet after the update few months they will release leticia cubes with 50x ruby anvil box XD

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Outdated items is of course a normal thing in mmos. But not to the point where the suggestion of handing out FREE versions of COMPLETED end tier weapon is valid.

This would be spitting in the face of all players who grinded for them. You do not need varna +16 t10for ep12. They come from the current end game Legend raid.

Savin gear is so easy to make and cheap, anviling it to +11 and some trans is good enough. You can farm for them on cms or fields to craft.

Hmm well, currently ruby anvil is hard to obtain in ktos. It only appears in leticia and goddess grace gatcha high tier. It also uses alot of gold anvils as materials to craft too. I don’t think it will be super widespread but its not ultra rare either.

you can still get to +8 0pot on Ruby Anvil. It only makes an item + 15 if it fails above + 16

say if you fail a ruby anvil on +15, it becomes +14. You fail another time, + 13.


I will tend to agree. I just completed the last map of episode 11 with an Alchemist using primus 350 rod without a sweat. It would be absurd to require +16 t10 varna to clear the next map in episode 12 which would be like level 421… I’m sure +11 t8 savinose will be fine.

However, in the future, we will have legend Giltine raid, which is supposed to be the final boss in the game (the other deities mentioned after that will probably compose the post-game part of ToS). I will expect this raid to be MUCH harder than legend Skiaclipse, which is already tricky to complete without huge investment in your equipment. There you will surely need the absolute best the game can give to be able to clear the raid.

of course, i would expect so as well, however legendary raids are supposed to be things people prepare for anyways, whether it be mechanically or gearwise. so i would say its fair for it to be hard as its supposed to cater for the more hardcore / invested members of the community who put in the effort for it.

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