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Moonlight Sparrow movement speed not as advertised

The Moonlight Sparrow is advertised as having a +6 movement buff.

When you equip it, it says it’s only giving +2. I dropped $80 to get something that doesn’t do what it says it does?


wow i feel scammed


2 from sparrow and 4 from being on a mount. Sounds bout right kekw

tooltip can be wrong, did you actually see the number ?

dont need screenshots, check speed after mounting, you get +6 when you get on it

So is it 6 or 2?

you get 6 mount speed stat when you mount the sparrow, sorry for not being clear.

I bought it because +6 is not +2 doing this like a scam.

Yeah, it said +6. That implied that it was an extra 6. On no other pet does it say it gives a +4 move speed buff. This was a scam. I want my money back.

don’t agree with that.

technically the description is not wrong because it only say’s " increase movement speed by 6 when mounted" and this is TRUE.
4 standard plus 2 from sparrow = 6.
the standard 4 comes from the mounted pet system itself, it also gives some HP-def-evasion etc if you feed them.

at best is little savvy because they omitted that standard pet already gives 4 and they have not stated it like that and thus the correction later.

when you mount the sparrow you get your 6 movespeed simple as that and the “old” description states that as well, so there is no mistake here.

but good luck with your money back!!

Other mounts don’t say +4 move speed. Adding a descriptor indicating move speed that does not delineate inherent attribute and additional attribute, given that in previous cases the attribute was not mentioned, but considered to be a descriptorless inherent trait, it bears no controversy to state that the descriptions are inconsistent and can thus, through reasonable inference, cause buyers to reach different conclusions about the total effects of the item in question.

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“This was a scam”


this happen when u tried p2w hahah