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Moonlight Legendary Weapon

Hi guys, in the rewards list for the flex box, there is something in the list called Moonlight Legendary Weapon. Any idea what this is? Could it be the new lv440 Legend?

I think that’s varna +16 trans 10.

Ah alright… They are giving +16 tra10 for free now…

correction: they giving hope-fuel to nurture player’s gambling addiction further

yea… Sadly everybody’s a broke Casino Addict now… Except for the lucky 2%

but you know that it’s under eternal RNG wall.

Says you can take any pick of weapon on the tooltip. Unless you ment actually getting the box in the first place. Then yea, its RNG =/

Moonlight weapons were already given away on the old growth servers a couple of months ago, so its not really any news, aside from the fact that main server can get it now too i guess.

Moonlight weapons can appearance without keep potential ? Did item will be break or not.
I can’t no brave to appearance it.

you cant “free” change appearance on 0 pot item. (it cant be -1 pot, or broken)

But moonlight didn’t have poten guage.
IDK it can or can’t.

moonlight like all the event item, it has 0 pot.

even if it item with pots who would want sacrifice potential for skin.just get that appearance changing thing or use tp item skin

I was able to change skin of my moonlight weapon. Just make sure the “keep potential” checkbox is checked. I used a TP item as skin btw.