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Monsters are too slow

Basically as the title says, much of the monsters in this game are way too slow.

Most monsters have a long delay in their attack animation to make contact when attacking, especially the bosses. It is extremely easy to dodge their attacks because of this. It’s good to have a variety of both slow but strong hitting monsters and up to faster enemies that can run even faster than players can.

I’ve played up to level 180, and never really felt threatened by the enemies even in fields. So far most if not all the regular mobs run up to you, start up their attack animation and it takes up to 2 seconds for them to even attack where you are. Most players are constantly moving around, and or jumping to kite and avoid the attacks easily.

There are a few monsters however that are really annoying if they do manage to get a hit in (The ones that auto attack a knock down)

The only monsters that can really do anything to players at the moment from what i’ve encountered so far are spell casters and archers. This would be fixed i think just by increasing their attack animation speed on their basic attacks for the melee mobs.

As for quest bosses… they all feel very “samey” Despite having unique attacks and traits to them, there is no real strategy involved with their attack pattern due to how slow they are and meaningless their attacks damage do. Sure I guess quests bosses can be seen as tutorial mode of those bosses for if you encounter them on the field, but they seem really, really meaningless other than that. And here comes another main gripe I have.

There have been bosses I have encountered in the field that are both slow, and for some reason had an extraordinary amount of HP that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to kill, even with a party of 5 in the level range. For instance, there was a level 45 boss that had 3+ million hp. Leveling up my alt which was overgeared, and overleveled (in the 60’s at the time) for the area and was doing 1k damage per attack. Even if I had a party of like-leveled characters with me, there’s no way we could have downed that boss within reasonable time.

I feel like field bosses should not just be farmed by groups of max level characters, but more similar the bosses you’d find in the dungeons at that level. (But of course, raid type world bosses at higher levels should still exist.)

TL;DR = monsters are too slow and easy, please make attack animations faster.

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I guess all those people complaining about the rank 8 content being too hard are just whiners.

Also want to add i remember a similar complaint about quest bosses having too much health during beta. Now i kill every quest boss in less than 3 seconds and its very boring. Not sure if i am just alot stronger even on new chars or they actually nerfed the bosses health. dont remember.

I know youre talking about the field bosses though. This isnt a dungeon. Cant do it with 5 people, get 10.

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Bosses too slow, bosses too dumb, bosses HP too high, bosses not giving good loot.

Let’s have more bosses that can OHKO players.
Bring a new level of challenge for all the hardcore players.


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Well if those bosses you are talking about have OHKO’s that cannot be avoided whatsoever, then that is definitely a problem.

level180… ahahaha… u not even reach the core part yet. :smiley: try reach higher first.

More MonHun style boss hunting

Yes please, now if we can just get a dodge roll for swordies&clerics and a sidestep dodge for mage&archers.
More real time lively active boss fights would change a lot, I mean, even with their current spiked up damage and skill spam it’s still sooo boring to make me fall asleep in missions.


lvl 180?..haha…dude pls leveling more
maybe at least 270…then u come back here saying mob to slow

and try to participate in Mega WB…and then come again saying boss to easy

try mob in 280++ map…and then come here again and saying u are to slow or mob to slow?

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

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It doesnt even need to be 280s content, any 220 mage mob infested or 220s spion archer map will melt him.

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I’ve made a mention about spell casters and archers being the only mob types that do anything notable in the game. Mainly the melee mobs need adjustments/balancing.

I’m pretty sure this game greatly encourages making many alts and leveling in all states of the game. Wouldn’t want the game to be boring until you finally reach higher levels right?


Make it even harder for Pyros to play the game. Might as well ask them to remove the class all together. <3

dude…below lvl 200 all the contents is joke

if u want hard content below lvl 200 u just only make it harder.

just past lvl 200 and u will know how hard u life later…finding grinding pt, fine new eq, finding mats and others…not to mention other things like economy in game…

making it easy below 200 actually make it easier to created an alt to pass lvl 200…because this game is design for lvl 600 LOL.

good luck having difficult gaming from early game to lvl 600…if u already lvl 300 then u know how hard in lvl 300 stage

Try 290+ temple grinding place, the mob with two sword basically have the same movespeed with u, once u stop he will spin blade :smiley: especially when you are mage with heavy animation after skill. Mostly mobs are easy but some of them are really dangerous at higher level.

And also boss are easy, not mega world boss. Try first before you try to complain. I cant even stand still at my position for more than 2 seconds if you are taking agro. Not to mention the deadly aoe skills.

From what I’m gathering from this game and seeing the threads so far, the content is either too easy or too hard. :expressionless:

Wouldn’t it be more fun to have it balanced? Making the game pretty challenging but still fun with quest / white gear. And becoming “easier” with minmaxed/rare gear and higher attribute skills.

Ive seen many threads of current rank 8 content of people that have minmaxed gear and higher leveled attributes get destroyed by regular field monsters. (25k damage spiral arrows) The game has huge balancing issues all around.

Ahahaha :joy: , really tho, Pyrobros do need a Fireball:Unmoving attribute, unless you have teammates like me who ping-pongs fireballs to the mobs.

Balance in a Korean game? yeah that’ll never happen unless the Japanese game devs invades them, and maybe western game devs too since they are the only notable makers that listen to their playerbase properly.

280+ has been proven to be difficult to solo by a lot of builds. Not impossible, but significantly harder compared to pre-R8 content.

Your first taste of it will be Blue Gosaru, a melee mob, at Khonot Forest. 240k+ HP, 1 301 ~ 1 487 ATK, 1418 MDEF. I met an SR trying to quest there and partied with him (more like I had to tank for him) as these cute horned masked thing hits like a truck on low CON builds and/or non-Plate wearers.

LOL n00b player trying to give advice, i guarantee you will shut your mouth once you reach 280+. Some builds already cannot solo just past 240+.


-.- this kind of ppl. I am not trying to be offensive but dont you feel your words being slap your own mouth?

Its never have been 100% balance in any mmorpg game, at least from what i played so far. Define me what is balance. I feel that this game is not really that hard but highly encourage players to play in party since higher level is almost(but not 100%) to solo. When mobs getting too easy then everyone(like you) complain being too easy, then when mobs getting harder and now everyone complain being too hard.

And seriously game is to play, not to read. What you have read in the forum is different with what you played.You only reach level180, which I can say, only reach 25-35% of game progression? Dont doubt it, you are still early to say this game easy.

As for what you said,
“Wouldn’t it be more fun to have it balanced? Making the game pretty challenging but still fun with quest / white gear. And becoming “easier” with minmaxed/rare gear and higher attribute skills.”

Pretty challenging? Tell me how. When you feel like still fun with white gear, others that obtain red/purple gear with higher enhancement and higher attribute skills already complain it being too easy. And also fyi, during 280 cap most of us are using white gear. This prove that you dont even know 280 end game what we are using.

“Ive seen many threads of current rank 8 content of people that have minmaxed gear and higher leveled attributes get destroyed by regular field monsters. (25k damage spiral arrows) The game has huge balancing issues all around.”

I have seen many people complain in forum too. Thats very deadly yes. But at the same time why so many players can go through it and handle them. Because it is just “challenging” enough to handle. Not really that hard for real. Especially when you have a party, they are nothing much to be afraid. Even I played solo there with my wizards, I just need to proceed carefully. I call it challenging.

You know what i mean? It is almost impossible to satisfy you players because everyone have different needs. When you just casually play the game, you feel it too hard, hardcore players are just okay level. And vise versa. -.- If you have any objection, tell me what mmorpg that you feel satisfied so far? That dont have “being too easy” and “challenging” issue.

Sorry for the long reply. -.- or i sounds like offensive. Because this kind of complain I feel like dont have logic at all.

R8 mobs are fcking joke, why most mobs are not aggressive? Only maps i had fun with are Timerys Temple, Zima Suecourt, Martuis Storage Room, Stalactite Cave 2 and 3. Field mobs are passive AF. Field mobs should be aggressive like 240-280 maps on R7.

What’s the point of making a grind fest mmo harder? That is like trying to make the game even worst. The Mobs AI is stupid by design and so does IMC themselves. And like many others here who are still playing, you just have to deal with it.

All I want to say is, enjoy the easy grind while it lasts. Cuz you ain’t gonna get any after 280.