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Monster Taming Event is far too nerfed

New event

Ninja edits

Nothing new here :sleeping:

The description is wrong, I found it clear that, well its been far complex then I thought.

It will give you one fragment as basic reward.
But it will get bigger, that when your tamed “monster’s” level is higher than the Boss monster your tamed monster fight with.

Let’s say if you Have 1 Level tamed monster and you fight with 10 level Boss.
you will only have 1 fragment as prize.

However, when your tamed monster’s level gets higher, higher than bosses level by each 10 level you will be rewarded with +1 fragment

So, for example it will be like…

Tamed monster >> as T

Boss >> as B

if T is level 30 and B is 10, then the difference between B and T is 20, which means, 2 more fragment + basic >> total 3 fragments.

if T is 70 and B is 10, then the difference between B and T is 60, then 6 more fragment and + basic, total 7 fragments, and it goes on.

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So there is no need to pic the higher level Boss?
Say I have all 3 of my pokemans at lv300… why would i pick a boss that is lv400 if it wont give me additional fragments?

I feel like the mechanics are reverse… :thinking:

Shouldn’t it be when you pick a Boss that is higher level than your Tamed Monster, It will give you more fragments for defeating it as a reward?

If you say is true then everyone will just pick a Level 1 Boss and fight it with Lv300 Tamed Monster with no challenge at all…

There is one, to give exp for the monster you also require higher level monster, since the exp item have higher chance on higher level monster.

After you done leveling, then you could switch to farming phase.

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/me looks at the event description
/me gets a headache
/me looks at the rewards
… headache is gone.

Good luck with the event! I’ll go play Pokemon Go instead… :haha:

Let’s start a good friendship in pokémon go! My trainer code is 4004 8312 3324! :satisfaction:

Do you get 1 fragment for every 10 levels of difference between all of your monsters levels combined and the bosses level?
Or does only the highest level monster count (which would hard cap the maximum gain at 30 fragments per run and make it basically useless to level up more than one monster since you kill weak monsters only)?

This is a joke.

Monster Tamer level 100 = 1050 monster energy
Monster Tamer level 300 = 9150 monster energy

Monster Tamer and boss 100 = 10 fragments
Monster Tamer and boss 300 = 30 fragments

1050 monster energy = 2 megaphone in 3 days
9150 monster energy = 500 attribute points in 30 days (event does not have 30 days)

Gee, I wonder why this event is so tame compared to the previous ones.

(said no one)

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What do you mean when you said “the exp item have higher chance” ? bosses in the event give something? besides the blue fragment and cube

So, you get the “most” out of the event if you tame your monsters until level 300 to fight level 200 bosses?

That is kind of weird, honestly. Even with the whole “tame first, farm later”… like, you gonna farm for items and level up your monsters until 300 to face a much lower level boss?

wait - does the level of the monster and/or level of the boss improve their HP and damage? Or is it just placebo for level difference?

There really wasn’t anything wrong with the old leveling system. The current one makes it harder as it goes along but the value of it doesn’t increase.

Event lasts 22 days 22 * 60 = 1320 fragments if you max your monster before fighting.That is 2000 attributes worth if you buy them. In the time it takes to farm 9150 energy whether you’re level 150 or 390, you will make more silvers worth of attributes that that, not counting item drops.

Now of course the most reasonable thing to do is buy the cubes.

You get 44 cubes guaranteed by participating. with 1320 you can buy an additional 26 Cubes.

All that extra effort amounts to less than you are guaranteed from the start.

Idk what you’re talking about with “There is one, to give exp for the monster you also require higher level monster, since the exp item have higher chance on higher level monster.” as far as I can tell no such thing exists. Idk if you had anything to do with the changes or if you’re just the one with the unfortunate job of covering for those who did ruin the event, but I hope you wouldn’t make up the existence of an item to calm us, when some might actually waste their coins early farming for it. We’re still hoping for change. It’s early in the event and this coin system is the best change of the event so far, since it gives you (IMC) a chance to undo your/their mistakes and give us the event we’ve been waiting so long for.

just a comment, 100-ish energy orbs per 30min CM is too generous. I did 6-10 CMs and gotten around 73-87 per round.

I think you get môre energy orb if you do cm in high level map ( Astra in my case) i always get around 120 in every cm And maybe this is what the GM mean when she said that higher level monsters have môre chance to give “the exp item”

Actually that makes a lot of sense, the GM has no idea what we were talking about regarding level of the boss in the dungeon and instead thought we were referring to the stuff they do have info on.

Staff aren’t GM though ‘w’;;

They actually are. Or at least some of them. I remember talking to one of the GMs testing something in game and one of the staff said something like “I have personally tested it in game and will make a report…” which implies that the staff and the GM that I was talking to in game were the same person.

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You (Staff Yuri) gave incorrect information, and for 3 days we have no information on whether or not we will change the event.

The mechanics we have is: 1 fragment for every 10 levels of the monster or boss (whichever is lower)

The same was announced, but 100x less fracturing.

Not only the farming is ludicrous,there is also no strategy: just get a mob that multi hits and farm away. There is no purpose in capturing X monster because of a skill he has: it will be used at max once per boss. There is no reason to pledge to this event other than “I´m lvl max and have nothing to do”. Period.