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Monopoly on weekly boss

I just noticed that boss raid ranks is monopolized by OP characters. We don’t have any chance to get it. (mediocre) how can we obtain such prize when the only people who can claim them are those… wha… ernmm Super geared.

Like a true to life story.

“ The rich will only get more rich”

I’m nowhere close in being able to get those prices myself, but i see that as one of the goals to work towards. I’m getting closer and closer every week and i can see it happening. The past week I managed to do a total of 1b dmg in 6 runs. The week before that i was happy just to get to 400m. I just find it natural that those who have worked a long time to get there should also be rewarded for it.


I think you are right.

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reward for top 10 is furniture that you can’t even use right now, reward for top 5 is cosmetic so it really don’t make you “stronger” in common mean. Reward for top 1 is title and bragging right. For total damage reward 1b can already get you a lot and to get 1b is simply bring diev oracle and spam ToF. The effort and dedication that put out by top ranker is insane, so don’t pull the the rich got richer card here.

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Nice but empty words when most of the upgrades are luck-based. Efforts and dedication are useless if luck isn’t on your side. You can do as many tries of getting a better weapon and still end up with nothing, while other players could just get them in a couple tries. You can do assistor dungeon every week and still end up without the appropriate cards, and there is nothing to do about it. You can do DC11 and never see the gems you need (or see them in market either). And even archstones are purely luck-based, or either depend on someone else’s luck. Unless you were already rich enough to start with, in which case you’re getting those, the ark and keep getting richer by monopolizing top ranks on Moringponia.

So no, don’t pull that argument. Dedication and effort are meaningless.


The game have always been like this. You else follow the meta or you lose. About money is not really that hard to farm, just to CMs basically and sell the good Primus ones. Raids etc

My problem with this is the disadvantage of not belonging to a large guild, just the guild buff (25% extra damage) is huge, then they sure have a boruta card to share, maybe can share the especific ichors, many advantage over other players, but this is just muy opinion.

IMC has pushed ensuring that people join large guilds since Boruta a year and a half ago. So, it’s absolutely the case.

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All I ever understand with these types of topics is how ‘Fairness’ is always an issue with people.
This content isn’t meant for casuals. They are for people who want to prove themselves in PvE. You want those fashion items? Go buy them, it’s not like they are untradable… and they are mostly just for flex/bonus.
A lot of preparation is done to compete, here’s what we “Whale players” actually do to even be a competitor.

  • Specific Boss Ichors - 4x armor, 1-2x weapon. If you are lucky enough you just need to Nucle re-roll but that’s almost impossible to do… 99% of the time you will use Blue Sandra’s for these stats. These aren’t 2g2p / 3g1p armors. These are 2R2G/2R1G1P, and reds have the most modifiers. Go figure how much that already cost. Ah don’t forget the Detailed Sandra’s since you want the highest value possible. This is every week of participation

  • Legend Cards - This is the most expensive part. Go check out Crevox Legendary Card Guide for a rough estimation on how much you are gonna spend.

  • Being in an actual guild that wants to progress through hard content, and actually do it. - enough said, if you are looking to be part of these guilds, well you gotta show how dedicated and good you are, and maybe ask if they are recruiting? They have standards for sure, but no harm in trying.

Hope I gave you an insight on how much effort we put to do these types of content.
besides they already made the important rewards casual, they revised it so that even a Non-Varna user can even get the 700m reward without even trying, you don’t even need to learn the mechanics of the boss. There are so many things you can do to overcome these “whale barriers” best solution is to play with friends you can trust and rely on. No friends? I mean you can chat in-game…would be a different story if we can’t even communicate. This game was designed now to be played in teams, so why not play it that way.

What Don_Falce said is true, but doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. If you really want something try harder than the other guy, don’t give up. If you didn’t get it this time, try again next week. Just be patient, dedicated and hope you get blessed by RNG, or farm your RNG.
fredrick-mossberg has the right idea, set realistic goals. lots of ways to play ToS.


I quite debating with myself if I like what you said or not at all.

So is this even possible if you are not a whale? whale-content okay? idk tbh…

Anyway I’m more of a casual and I realised a long time ago I couldn’t compete with others on this and I don’t care that much.
TBH Karaliene accessories, Vaivoras and Archstones bother me much more… I feel like I stagnate in the game since a while… I slowly could try to get those billions of silvers and also hope I will get lucky one day… but I don’t feel any progress and I rly don’t have fun like this… and why do you play a game when you don’t have fun?

I hope I will still be here if we ever get more casual content.


No no. This is just another korean mmorpg. Just grind content and a lot of bots. I understand now why Destiny 2 is so good… the focus of the game is grind, but the way to the good gear is good and everbody can do this.

Tree Of Savior = If you don’t have a competitive guild, you will have a lot of trouble to get your seal +3 (well, you can do CM CM CM CM CM CM - one of the few good contents to get a good ammount of silver). You, don’t forget the new arks, don’t forget the vaivora sh-I-t, don’t forget the weapons +21, and don’t forget the ANVIL BEAUTIFUL ENCHANT SYSTEM.