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Monk - Zealot - Krivis, what skills?

I need help dividing the skills

sorry for my English

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i assume you already saw the video from ARTS system and you want to try it soon. For monk skill, the mostly uses are energy blast, the other skill still meh. you can do anything else.

about krivis, new meltis is awesome so max is a must. while aukuras and zalciai is good for buffing. since your main dmg is from energy blast ARTS, zaibas will never be used.

next to zealot. i give you the overall skill build for further increasing the energy blast ARTS damage and left some unused point. :3


no points in guardian saint xD 5 points in smite xd hahahaha wtf, you dont need one inch punch drain effect doesnt work on mobs, 5 sec silence is meh, god finger flick is meh rather have lvl 17 double punch than meme flick and one inch meme, 15 points in aukuras? why healing doesnt scale with lvl xd, no daino why not? cuz scrolls? why pay when you can have it for free… 0 points in invulnerable omg wtf xd cuz no boss ever has knockdowns that can interrupt your energy blasting hahahah 1 point in fanatic illusion, omg this is the absolute worst build i have ever seen in my entire life 10 points in blind faith a skill that is nerf into oblivion and ppl only put 1 point ever for the atributte (50% dmg on crits ) but hey who need invulnerble and fanatic illusion xD…
Guardian Saint is a must cuz you know seals give you dmg when you have guardian saint active (boruta 10% dmg Irredian 5% dmg)
Fade only 1 point is fine
Max heal yey
the build should look like this
why beady eye? cuz with the atribute it ll give you a crit on your next atack wich mean you ll activate your art, wich means you can spam energy blast

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Don’t sleep on Aukuras damage. It’s been fixed and was dealing unusually low damage prior. With a build that hits often, it’s quite substantial, especially since Zealot has a lot of fire property damage to begin with. I prefer to have it at 15 over Zalchaia. Those minimal crit rate buffs from the passive don’t make a huge difference for a well geared character and the main skill itself can just be scrolled.

tried monk arts and although it looks cool seems to have average damage. anybody knows how to get arts reset?

monk arts is just for cm nothing else you kill real stuff with palm strike and hand knife
and i was going to ask the same about the art reset :s

Playing monk, zealot, chaplain for a while.

Monk arts is not trash for cm or high mob density. Monk always lack wide aoe attacks, so arts is the answer to that. But only that. Palm strike and hand knife hit hard now, and the class itself got a good boost combo: God finger, x5 palm/hand, reset um bell, x5 again. Very good damage for boss and pvp imo.
One inch punch is GREAT for pvp. U silence, you drain sp, and cause some damage. I got 10 on my inquisitor. with Malleus you cant wipe all sp easy and destroy magic armor or gembu.

Krivis is now nice because you cant choice physical bonus and get some good buffs. But imo meltis was a loss. Double time for fanatic illusion and fanatiscm was really nice. Why imc why?!