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Monk weapon : sword vs blunt

alright i have a question about the weapon choice of monks player which lead to sword that give much more dmg and also weakened defense active, when blunt give use magic attack(which is useless for monk i guess), low dmg, but have 10% stun when ur max your attribute
so what is your choise here, can u tell me?

You need both, Some monster are Weak to Slash and some to Strike, receives 50% from Slash or Strike attacks

not 50%, it’s -25% in T3 mod

And yeah, swords vs Cloth&Leather, maces vs Plate.

Oh, but later KToS patch added some nice monk debuffs for +% Strike damage, so you may use mace vs leather too.

He meant +50% when using strike on plate, not strike on leather (which is indeed -25%)

Huh, sounded like “some are weak to it, but some receive less dmg from it”. Well, whatever.

Ah, right, use strike attack on frozen enemies, folks, randoms in gungeons who don’t do it make my mage sad :frowning:

Your ability to ignore search and find same question just 1h before yours amuses me!