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Monk energy blast

Am I the only who thinks this skill is weak. Help please before I invest in the arts for this. Also what would you rate a monk druid krivis build?

It’s the monk art that powers up the lazor.
So if you wanna unlock its potential you’ll have to invest in it.

The duration of energy blast doubles and the wave get’s bigger every 2 seconds with the damage increasing even more aswell. Still the damage is no where on par with Rubric or Ying Yang, but it’s spammable and can inflict knockdown to help you survive CMs better if you use it in a small areas with walls to knock mobs into.

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Is fine for cm or week mob control. Monk lack aoe since forever, so they did this to improve so. Not great, but not trash.

really bad when used on other maps that has open area, but works great in tight spaces for cm. imo not really worth investing on.

Energy Blast Spam solo cm 7 no frieno ( using Drako pasi, varna cloth gear ) everything is posible if you invest on your class